what have you done I am being pulled towards you

like a magnetic pulling me closer and closer

your deep voice is replayed in  my mind like a song over and over again

I am enslaved by your magic

Its hard to breath without you near me

Is this real ?

I keep asking my self

as you pull me closer closer and closer

I am enslaved into a world

I cant escape

you have captivated my mind

where can I run??

I keep thinking about you and its replayed like a movie

I really love you my worst fear is losing you

  enslaved by you


Unfaithful pt2

So this is how it ends completely soaked in rain I was walking in an unknown place the roads were empty you could even see an animal around so how can a human be seen if someone killed me right now no would know nor would I resist cause in my heart I really wanted to die . The flash back came and it kept coming I could not escape the reality anymore no more .

I called my girlfriend rose she was like a rose so fresh even her voice would make me feel happy and she would start talking I just wanted to hear it was melodious

So how is my rose today ? You know I do miss you a lot at work “I told her she replied back with

“honey its so late when will you be back every day I wait for you but you always come in the morning that’s not fair ” she was angry at me I knew it

I was really busy with my work that I had to do over night shift and I had to do it today too

“sorry its just this project is really important when it ends all my time is for you I promise ”


“can you hear me ”

and silence answered me she had hung up my beautiful rose I wanted to at least talk on phone

how can you leave my soul alone I got back at work but my heart and mind were not there she was upset with me and I missed her so badly so I just left the work but my boss  will  scold  me tomorrow.

I will  apologize to my boss maybe they will deduct my pay so what I could not be away anymore so I reached home bought a cake on my away her favorite chocolate flavor if she see it all her anger will vanish and so had the cake and roses in my hands I had the spare key I wanted to surprise her so I just went in the lights were off and it was dark wow she sleeping I thought to myself and tried to not make noise her sleep was sensitive.

  I came close to the stairs I heard loud laughter from my bedroom. Oh she was awake and laughing is she with someone at 1 am no she must be reading her novel  I tried to get rid of these thoughts so slowly went up  there was a tiny gap in the door and her back was toward the door she was wearing a red dress and then I hears a mysterious voice

” so are not you scared rose what if your husband found out ” 

I hear a familiar guy  voice ” he is too stupid and naive baby he would not know a thing ”

Rose wrap her arms around this  man whose face I could not see clearly and then he lifted her up spin her around and kissed her lips  . I could not believe my eyes, shocked ,my body could not move hard to believe the two people I loved most in my life could betray me like this .

peter what about you ? your his step brother how can you betray your brother ” Rose asked him with a smile “well your sweeter then any relation what can I say it was hard to resist your smell  I want to eat you whole ” and that was it I could not hear or see any further I Just went straight grabbing his collar and band I punched his face that face which kissed my wife “how can you betray me you were my brother I raised you after your mother died that’s how you repay me ” he was not guilty eyes looking straight smiled and said “she was delicious ”  and I realized punching him is useless I looked at Rose she looked worried “look its not my fault he came on me please trust me ”  Rose you have one day leave my house before dawn and I will send you divorce papers and I heard everything so that enough ” with that i ran back down the stairs she kept calling me begging me she didn’t loved me , she just loved my money .

so here I walk in places unknown who would have thought something like this could happen to me , I was faithful ,loyal to what was my fault what made her cheat? and I kept  walking  how can  I live without her should I kill myself ? these thought were on mind a flash back came

“Rose when ever you wear red I can’t take my eyes off you don’t wear it in front of other guys okay ”  rose smiled and said ” here you go again don’t worry I am only yours “

what was that , what were the kisses, the times we spent we were married for five years and were in a relation since in college. I felt like my life was finished and so I thought to take my life called my lawyer told him to write papers in which all my property will go to a trust . And with that I took my gun out as I put the gun on my head I heard crying and that also of a baby I looked around no one was there then where did it came from I followed the voice and it was coming from a dirty street down where there were small huts and a then my eyes laid on a baby laying in trash and it was surrounded by dogs I took a stick and made the dogs run away I took the baby in my arms , the baby was so small born few hours back I rushed back to my car and took the baby to the hospital informed police and the doctors .

That day I didn’t saved a life but my life was saved by her and so she is my angel my world I never thought something this good happen to me being a father is more than a broken heart she mend my heart with her love .

Eternal love across the sky

he was the moon surrounded by darkness

she was the sun spreading rays of hope

something forbidden happened

the moon fell in love with the sun

he fell in love with her light 

but they could never meet

so the stars and clouds whispered

passing along there messages

the oceans were the witness to there eternal love

a love with no fruits

where both ready to die for the other to live

Quote of may

The month of May has come to an end lets welcome June with this quote and the intention to spread love among all religions ,nationalities and genders .PEACE


“An eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth if you live your life like that everyone in this world will go blind, don’t live your life hating others once we are born there is barely enough time to live loving each other “


The best and most beautiful things in the world can not be seen , heard or even touched they must be felt by heart  by helen kellar


(1)tere bina :


completed , finished on on air

Revolves around the central character Pakeezah, whose action taken in haste changes her life forever. She belongs to a middle class family having orthodox mentality mother, who often dictates her typical restrictions. Pakeezah on the other hand a freedom loving girl, having liberal point of view towards life and she’s in love with a guy named Umair. Her love interest, Umair is a native resident of another city but for education and business, he is temporarily living in a similar city. Pakeezah’s mother fixes her match with a rich guy and this situation creates panic for two lovebirds. It is cleared to the love-couple that their families can’t accept this union so they decided for the option of court marriage. After the Nikah, Umair leaves her (Pakeezah) to his friend “Shan” and Shan’s wife Saima and promises Pakeezah that he will come back soon. Pakeezah now keeps living in Shan’s house but when she realize that it has been very long and Umair is not coming back to her, she decides to reach at Umair’s house, where she got to know that Umair is trapped in a very critical family situation, where he is sacrificing to marry his brother Zubair’s fiancé as Zubair backed out. Umair was shocked seeing Pakeezah at his house, where Pakeezah introduces herself as Umair’s frined not his wife. Will Pakeezah ever able to disclose her identity as Umair’s wife?



(2)khali hath : (nothing left in hands ) empty hands ;


This drama highlights the sensitivity and closeness in brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s relationship. The frankness and intermingling in such kind of associations are quite acceptable in our society. But sometime such kind of propinquity leads to misunderstanding and unethical hankering. This play revolves around Mashal (Aiman), who is gifted beautiful, sensible and high-spirited girl. Her elder sister Sobia (Kiran Haq) receives marriage proposal from Basil’s (Ali Abbas) family. Mashal was out of town at the moments of commitment session. Basil sees his sister-in-law first time on the occasion of engagement ceremony and caught in love at first sight. He develops ultimate desire to attain Mashal by hook or by crook. Despite being her brother-in-law, he usually throws clues and indication that he is interested in her. Mashal finds herself in a miserable situation due to frequent harassment attempts from Basil. Meanwhile Mashal also receives marriage proposal from Haisam (Shehzad Sheikh) and Basil starts plotting diabolic schemes against this union. Will Mashal ever get enough encouragement to unmask real face of Basil in front of everyone?


(3)ghar titli ka par :

This one I am currently watching , its not finished only 17 episodes and love the plot

This is the story of betrayal disguised in friendship; Shafaq and Anji are childhood friends. To Shafaq their friendship means everything to her but to Anji it is an option for her to get hands to better life. Anji understands that Shafaq has a better lifestyle and she can have access to all these things if she remains in Shafaq’s life. Shafaq’s sister in- law will soon sense Anji’s intentions and she will try to protect her meanwhile Anji will marry a guy from well- to- do family and they will shift to Lahore. While Shafaq is upset about Anji’s leaving the city and trying to move on in her life, Anji’s life in Lahore turns into a disaster as she doesn’t know how to keep up with household chores and life. After sometime Shafaq will be married to Azar who is from Lahore and right after their wedding she will shift to her home in Lahore. Two friends will reconnect as they are in the same city however when they meet Anji is jealous of Shafaq’s new life so much so that she will try to end Shafaq’s marriage.

 (4)umme e  haniya (mother of haniya )

This one is for women who are bored of the typical dramas where women are tortured and abused and they take every thing for the sake of husband ,parents and society etc . Its currently not finished yet .

This is the story of romi , who wants to be a cricketer in a society like Pakistan where women going out is considered a big no so forget about playing outside , she plays in streets and is really good at it but her family and her fiance family are not supportive except her father later she gets injured at practice and send home she goes out for a walk and a find a baby alone at a park she picks her up and from there an ongoing struggle start people accuse her of adultery and accuse her that she committed sin she is her daughter , she faced everything even her husband forces her to give her away but she persists like a bold lady , these characters are very rare like zero in pakistani  dramas and you will mostly see women crying and enduring pain but I just loved this one so different and inspiration .

(5)diyare dil (valley of the heart )

The story revolves around Agha Jan and his two sons Behroze and Suhaib. Behroze is engaged to Agha Jan’s niece Arjumand since childhood but he refuses to accept this relation and wants to marry Ruhina, who belongs to a middle-class family and is his class mate, when Agha Jan comes to know about this he tells him to either leave or marry Arjumand, Behroze leaves his father’s house and Agha Jan announces that the wedding will take place as scheduled with his younger son Suhaib (who loves Laila). Arjumand denies to marry Suhaib as she treats him as her brother, however after Agha Jan pressures her she agrees. Both get married reluctantly, and Behroze marries Ruhina. Later Ruhina gives Birth to Faarah and Anjumand gives Birth to Wali and Zarmeena. Wali’s Birth bring Arjumand and Suhaib close and eventually both fall in love. However after Suhaib’s death (after 20 years) Behroze visits the Mansion and decides to fulfills his brothers last wish which was the marriage of their children. Ruhina opposes to this as she was insulted by Agha Jan and thrown out. The Series then focuses upon the relationships that occur in lives of many people

if you like pakistani dramas or if you watched any let me know share and comment thank you have a lovely day ahead personally  I  do not like pakistani dramas because of the over drama and sad stories etc some have two wives few are good so I shared you can get addicted to the story line and by the way let me know do you like the culture ,clothes ?

Make up

Shopping, hectic day but I did some shopping if interested in make up have a look

5dollar Pakistani 500 hundred

I just loved this shade it’s bright red

Eye liner gel

5dollar /500 hundred Pakistani

You can use different brushes for this

9 dollar /900 hundred Pakistani

Red color nowadays my favourite tell me your favourite color would love to know and your favourite beauty product

This is 1 dollar there were expensive ones too but I choose the less expensive 😂

These decorations are my weak point tell me what’s your weak part 😉

A visit

We visited a far away distant relative of ours. She was a really nice person nowadays when you become someone guest they lack the care, enthusiasm and kindness. She was different and her home was clean ,she had decorated her home with different pieces and I just loved each and every thing

My aunt loved scented candled

I just loved these flowers

This one has real beatle in crystalized form

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