Days have passed since we last talked it was a toxic relation and so ended abruptly you couldn’t marry me nor let me go and so ultimately it ended it ended finally freeing me from something so bitter so full of restrictions you were a patriarch man with old views with views women are inferior to men and that’s one of the so many reasons for our fights I think you can resemble can you?so it ended when he called me not a “wife material” after all the days we talked day and night sharing every single detail after so much he thinks now I am not wife material and that was it for me I couldn’t talk to a man like that before that he had said so much but I had always forgiven him I was used to talking to him daily from good morning to good night we were far but still somehow close and now its going to be a month there is a strange feeling of absence seems like my anger has subsided and thoughts like I miss him comes through my mind but it has ended for good and I would erase him from my mind like a poison entered in your skin you need to suck it out and live living with you would be bad for me and my health its hurting now but it will be better soon the traces of his voice will disappear and maybe i was just in love with the feeling of being in love and because of my low self esteem I accepted someone who I didn’t deserve .

She breaks

She is an unexplainable choas that the world cant handle yet she breaks and falls and then rises all over again

She is a warrior who falls again and again just to rise

She is misunderstood often for her extraordinary light

She feels too deep making it hurt too much

And she deserves someone who sees the light as many are blind so they dont see the light igniting within her wings

Wings meant to make her fly as she is an eagle meant to fly over clouds not to be caged

Hello dear fellows

I am so sorry for disappearing for so long as I had some issues. I will keep writing stories and personal stories here but for using wordpress I have to open Laptop which is hard at times and Mobile app I do not like it .

So to conclude my statement please I want to connect to you guys on instagram can you let me know how many of you use insta its been so long since I have been gone and I really want to have a warm chat with each and everyone of you and want you to read some amazing stuff I wrote there thank you

Breaking and mending

Empty words

Broken hearts

Scornched wings

Fake smiles

Lonely hearts

Bleeding souls

The cycle repeats

You cut yourself open

Revealing every secret

Good and bad

Do your best

Give your all

And then they leave

Leaving you in a nut shell

All alone

And then you get yourself

All together again

The cycle repeats

Breaking mending

They break you, you mend yourself