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Curse out this society

The times never changed

girl child was buried alive is called history

history repeats itself

fetus killed in womb

from centuries and even now women discriminated

the tiny ego of man can’t accept “NO” for an answer

for taking revenge will go to any extent

breaking her heart not a big deal

she is princess of her father

apple of her mother’s eyes

but you don’t feel ashamed of breaking her piece by piece inside

what a shame oh society !

I curse out loud why ?what’s the fault of women born

news of rape on TV what’s new tell me something new?

From adult to an infant 8 month old they don’t leave you alone

there desires are fault of a women

she gets harassed and abused by the way she walk, talk, dress why did she smiled?

She wanted to be raped, harrassed, murdered

don’t blame the killer, rapist, abuser cause he watched fifty shades so he thinks he can abuse,

he thinks his mother wife sister stay at home no one will look at them so he can look at you, stare at you, curse you, cat call you, as your talking to him, as he is your friend, as you trusted him it’s your mistake ,your characterless because you talk to guys, because you go out, because you work

if a women points her rapist, abuser still she is blamed for fame, attention and is never taken seriously till she takes her own life and people say

“oh so she told the truth ” but it’s too late,

society it’s too late that innocent girl child took her life with her own hands are you satisfied

no maybe some man will even abuse her dead body that’s how low we have fallen

that’s how low and dirty this society has become

you can trust no one ,and the people you trust the most will break it like it never existed.

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First love

Years passed by

spring, autumn, summer these seasons makes me shiver

your thoughts don’t leave me

your laughter echoes in my ears

your lips taste one of kind

your palm imprinted my heart and so I am infertile now

a moon who would never meet the sun

since you gone my heart has stopped

memories of yours never leaves me alone

The guy I am dating

in my head I am cheating him with these feelings

I can’t come over is there a drug to forget first love

first love why does it hurt so bad

I was ready to cross all the borders for you but

Oh oh it hurts now

you moved on have nice home and a girl next to you

your flying I am stuck

my time stopped the moment you left

Now I know why people said”first love is never forgotten”

It’s a pity he was my first but I was just a number

make up

Make up

Shopping, hectic day but I did some shopping if interested in make up have a look

5dollar Pakistani 500 hundred

I just loved this shade it’s bright red

Eye liner gel

5dollar /500 hundred Pakistani

You can use different brushes for this

9 dollar /900 hundred Pakistani

Red color nowadays my favourite tell me your favourite color would love to know and your favourite beauty product

This is 1 dollar there were expensive ones too but I choose the less expensive 😂

These decorations are my weak point tell me what’s your weak part 😉

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A visit

We visited a far away distant relative of ours. She was a really nice person nowadays when you become someone guest they lack the care, enthusiasm and kindness. She was different and her home was clean ,she had decorated her home with different pieces and I just loved each and every thing

My aunt loved scented candled

I just loved these flowers

This one has real beatle in crystalized form

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My new pet

I bought these pets today. It was hard to look away and not buy these cuties. My mother didn’t liked the idea nor my father because they are time consuming and you have to care for them plus my studies Ramadan (Muslim’s fasting month) is also soon to come well let’s hope for best and may these cute birds live long