Modern slavery

My happiness does not depend on you stop enslaving yourself on things if you got that guy, money, clothes, brands (me myself a brand lover) internet, likes ok youtube, facebook or even on wordpress

Its time we stop this mind slavery or modern slavery where we are addicted our happines is needed on others,when your happy and smilling alone and your heart is at ease no matter where your and with who ever your thats the true of freedom. I am not saying confine yourself or be isolated what I mean is dont run after things to be happy what ever you have in life be content with it as if your not happy with what you have you will never be happy even if you get what you want if you cant be happy now…


Yona of the dawn anime/be your own super hero

If you realize your strengths and weakness, then now is the time

You dont be scared

Just follow your heart and break through the winds

Yona of the dawn opening lyrics my fav line

I want to be stripped of the “princess ” self

Thats fragile, clueless and always being protected

Dignified, strong letting my hair ride the wind

I will stand tall, look to the sky and become someone I can be proud of

I will continue to protect and love never let it go.

I just love this anime even now it was first released in 2009 and still its 2019 and its only released volume 15 sad right had an anime but you know japanese anime have abrupt ends they dont have complete manga or satisfying ends but even though I love anime . So yea you will ask whats so special about this one well its about a positive change, I hate pakistani dramas except a few which are top ranking cause pakistani dramas have this conservative environment where the victim is the women and the the criminal is the man of the society. The women cries is abused and is shown really very weak which makes me frustrated after all I dont watch dramas to cry right so yea coming back to anime this has a brave women who suffers through a lot no women should go through what she gone but there’s a twist she fights back which is so good “anyone can cry, anyone can give up, anyone can run away, anyone can suffer the abuse and remain silent its nothing new but the brave ones are those who cry and moves forward falls but stands up,and those are the ones who are respected because they are brave ones hiding your face is easy but do what is difficult leave when its needed move on when you have to, stand up when you fall and don’t cry or wait for someone to save you no one is gonna come “pretty”girl no one ,be your own super hero “

And that’s what you need

Its so hard

It’ so hard to find love in our time long lost are the times of true love

facebook, tinder,snapchat are the trends of today

you can have anyone with just a click still you dont have your match

lust ,sex, porn, nude photos sexting has exchanged soul mates

its so hard to find love in our time julie romeo, hirr ranja (folktale) lala maju(famous love story) are all the tales of past

with chilvary and protect women gone by feminisim its more of a time where women are mostly alone and men are running away from there responsibilites…… This time is so unfair

The endless road

If forgetting you was so easy can it be called love .

The endless painful road where you travel alone, you tell me

“not to depend on your absence or presence “

I wish the same as it will set me free from the pain of waiting for the impossible.

Ending the nights I spend in your thoughts .

The day dreams about you.

I forgot myself making myself avaible at your door 24/7 my priority was you .

For you I always had time but for you, you didnt had a second in 24 hours for me saying “you busy”.

How can someone be busy 24 hours..

When excuses start to begin in any relation thats the end of it thats when its ended unofficially.

That’s the root of the beginning cause after that your left alone on the road .

My soul needs you to breath , my lips keeps craving your lips,my mind keeps replying the memories of us…….

Now what am I supposed to do I can express my feeling but I can’t make you care .

Now even my emotions are a burden to your mighty self your so great ,so happy ,without me .

I wish there was a pill of happiness

A pill of amnesia ,where I can erase all of you and be happy forever.

what I didn’t had or was not pretty enough .

what was wrong with me?

why did you left me behind ?

Now I can’t even see you on this road you have gone gone so far my love so far my hands left empty with this heart ache in my heart, carrying my baggage of stuff I start to walk alone on this road I don’t know where would it lead me from here…………… What do you think where would it lead me ???


You gave me freedom from the shackeles I never wanted to be unlocked

my heart and soul was chained to you, you set me free to roam around to taste different lips to touch differnt bodies you set me free by ending the one sided love I may have loved you I may have hated you I can tell you how I feel but I can’t make you care How hopless a human is that he Can’t even change the heart nor force his feelings……..

Fake smile

Fake smiles

hiding wounds

years of loneliness

broken hearts

shattered soul

you dont even know what I have been through ….

If you could see wounds on soul, you will be astonished to see me alive

the smile on face

the pins in heart

the broken wings

the drowning bodies

begging to breath

can’t swim

slowly dying

the bleeding rose

the curse of love

still hope with a heart beat

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