You break me up

Like a doll twisting and turning maybe I am not human in your eyes
You hurt me by your words
You cut me open and let me bleed
Don’t know whose to blame you or me but just cause I choose to stay does that give you the right to kill….. Scared of losing you maybe that gives you the power to break….. Innocent souls …


Men the delusional

Women are meant to be covered protected and hidden somewhere

He makes religion as an excuse to imprison women taking freedom away from her

she has dreams desires ambitions all are wrapped by the fingers of man

A man who considers himself superior he fears the freedom of women so much that he can not let her work or let her be on the same ground as him crushing her under his feet .

These men live beside us they are not from other planet they are our friends

why should a women belonging from a certain caste creed or religion behave in a certain way defined by the centures old history culture norm why does religion only come when it comes to the liberty of women?

A women is forced to wear burqa, she is not allowed to drive, a man owns her guardian ship even if she turns 60 and then laughs and say “oh its good your not free. “

I am superior, I can do anything and get away cause I am man and the society gives me the liberty to do what ever I want “

women are homemakers, they don’t need to earn they just need to housework and raise kids and take care of my mother ”

I am strong, your weak , fragil and that makes me superior ”

“He said he hated feminisim ” I asked “why” He said you want to dominated the world with women(so thats what he is afrid of) I said no I want a world where women are given the right to stand on equal grounds as man .He then asked what did I meant by freedom and here’s what I said

“freedom for women is the right for them to choose there own clothes, life, career, education “

And this is not made up these are true words from a friend I have heard I never thought he was patriarcal, misogynist ,chauvinist cause I never hated men myself. Was it my fault I didn’t see through such a person. I am disgusted by his thinking I feel so low myself. I didn’t take the hints…. When he would say women are this and that when he made fun of women .when he would say men are better than women. When all day he would talk is about whats wrong with a women

When has becoming the right to live your life wrong why are restrictions put and when you ask and voice out your said to shut up on the basis of being born in a cartain country, family, caste, creed, color, religion. Being black or white or being from a certain country caste is not your fault you didnt choose it so why should your choices affect the whole clan??? Your free to do what you want they can not restrict us all they never can….

And men if your not scared of women’s success or hee going ahead then why stop her and judge her???

This is for men who puts women below there feet and considers them lowere then themselves if you dont think like this then dont argue with me its not for you .


Ache in the chest

Footprints left behind

The worst kind of pain

Would prefer cat bites instead

Dont feel any physical pain from the scratches of a cat

When you rejected me it still hurts somewhere near my heart

Everything that ever happened to me.

From childhood till adulthood

This is the worst I have been every been

Its been 10 days since you left forever

And I am barely suriving

Have thought of killing myself a thousand times

Have read books like “strenght in our scars ” and “your soul is a. River ”

Still its so hard to forget someone perfect like you

Who was the first person in my life that I did my best

Was honest from the start

Shared everything about me

Cared a lot

Gave my number

Gave my picture

Never lied

Loved him

But what did I get in the end?? When you do your best and fail it hurts like hell

I am broken, empty and barely just hanging facing the worst phase of my life cause I cant forget him

And tomorrow I have exam so just pray


You want him till you get him

After sex, it all ends the sparks between you and me

Nothing left to explore

its the same old you

boring and uninteresting

thats why in east they say love dies after marriage but actually it dies after having sex…

For S ❤

Phone rings, unknowns numbers make me think of you, a hope that its you…..

Not a days passes without your thought crossing me

Men in my life not less ,

Each lips I kiss, looks like yours

Your gone far far away

Oh! Were you ever close?

Still I meet you in my dreams and wakes up happy feeling like it was real …

Ahhh my stupid Heart

my foolish hope

do I want you cause I can’t have you ?

your not good for me

Your the rudest person on earth Your the most ruthless manipulating person alive

Your a player stealing hearts crushing them using them and throwing it away

Unaffected you stand so tall

Yet your face, your hands, your english, your jokes, your smiles, your presence, your voice makes my heart beat like your. Perfect for me. My firsts were for you, how can I forget you

I trusted you the most …

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