Lets Fly together

 Making a decision to do something and wanting to earn something with hard work and giving your parents a surprise that you can make them proud do not every teen or i guess child adult wants to do that but living in this world in which there are plenty of problems mental as well as other problems which makes that dream of determination harder or even impossible and the  main factor we can call is the feat of failure and criticism of people especially teens right , i am writing my my first blog today and expressing in it why i want to be a blog writer and how i found about it 

To be honest i am and was really scared to write it and asking my self can i do it ? do i have the potential ? and am i good enough ? plenty of questions running through my mind but then i though i will be honest and also i will do it yeah fear is still there but the want to do something is there too the main thing that makes me or i think anyone like me scared will be that they will think we are not expert or do not know anything how can we ? but the power is inside us ,so i will come to conclusion i want to test my limits , i want to share interesting and creative stuff with you as well as the tough hard period of my life that no one knows i am willing to share and help others with it and also help myself as i am here it will help me learn things too increase knowledge , i also want to talk about the most important thing that is women rights and to talk for others rights in help and need as its the most important thing it shows freedom

so that is why i said lets fly together in joy happiness and sadness in illness too and fight our fears our depression our anxiety and lets face the world i would love your support  


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