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Attack on innocent cockroach


Here is my second blog i was procrastinating it as i was lazy or i guess not sure what to write about but hey guys i got a an interesting topic that makes me jump up , today when i saw an attack being done on an innocent creature that is as the name above suggests cockroach .

Yeah guys ! its really interesting  , so please read out,

So , I was thinking of going to sleep and i went to brush my teeth and there i heard a sound a strange sound , first i thought to ignore it and do my business but it was like when a bird feathers flap but it was in slow flap flap voice so took my role of an investigator and was looking for where the voice is coming from what i saw was breath taking cause i saw a  behind the basket of water was a lizard grabbing the cockroach and his feathers were making that sound and then i ran out and took my said “give me a cell phone ” i took my mothers iPhone which has good camera and took a pic and made a video of it ,

the story is not the end the cockroach survived great news but bad news his leg is fractured and he could not walk properly , but he escaped ,survived it shows how brave he is and we all can be as we are HUMANS, AND WE ARE STRONG AND WE CAN SURVIVE ANYTHING TOO , so that would be the quote of the day an inspiring story from nature the nature that is created by  GOD ALLAH 




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