whats the first thing that comes to your mind when your hear the word ice cream? Ice cream that comes in different flavors and don’t we all love to eat it from kids to adults well I would say yeah we do especially in summers and hot weathers and wants to have our favorite ice cream 

I wanted to tell you guys that for ice cream i am a crazy person from childhood and say “yes” if your too crazy like me for it because i loved to eat it there are sales guy with ice cream bicycle who would roam in streets here in Pakistan and we as kids would go out no run and buy it but know we have  matured i mean love cone ice creams with chocolate like cornetto and there is also kulfi which is really tasty

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you know when i am upset or sad the thing that cools me down and makes me happy is ice cream and ice cream is healthy food many people think its unhealthy but the ingredients it has are all healthy and especially in summers to keep you cool and protect form heat stroke i think its quite good anyway you know we often have fights on ice cream with my little cousin she is too crazy for it like me but i hide it in fridge and also once we were travelling and accidently i dropped some in my white clothes and it left a stain but its alright we have to enjoy and make mistakes right but hey dont have weird thoughts 

and yeah a poem i found was quite good for ice cream 


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