Love Yourself!

great i loved the line love your mistakes as they also mean trying


Hey bloggers and viewers!

I wanna ask you a question..When was the last time you did something for yourself?

Do you realise your own importance? Okay.. I know some people may say YES but the one who said NO , think about it!

You know what is the real happiness?… It is when you do something for yourself!

Something you’re so passionate about and which you’d loved to do!

take some examples..(situations)

  1. “You know what I’d dressed up for the date in his favourite colour, though green wasn’t my favourite colour and I just impressed him but some part of me wasn’t happy about it!” – So why do you even put efforts on something which you didnt like Go with your favourite colour teens!

2. “My latest upload is with the same makeover as she did, I hope I get so many likes and comments”.. and later… you don’t…

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