Love is pure and we all want love and greedy about it but what if its turns deadly when wanting the love and reaching it makes people call it mistake , sin and says he and she should die ?what you think ever know about this you know about romeo and Juliet but this still happens in this modern day  and today i want to talk about it as it makes me angry how in Pakistan 1000 of women die because of honour killings and men too die but lesser in number  .

I kept the topic name asking a question IS LOVE A SIN ? asking you all cause i know its not how can someone kill there family member there daughter  , there sister anyone who they may think has committed a crime and what is that crime love really are you kidding me and you gave reasons like they have loved someone a guy or a guy has loved a girl and that made there family reputation ruined or they have chosen  there life partner that is why ? 

Sorry , you guys may be confused what the hell am i talking or like what am I saying but what i wanted to say is that in our society or a culture like in India too where all movies are based on romance but sadly love and love marriage is not accepted and these deadly killings happen there too .


As the name says Islamic society meaning the big  people who preach Islam i highly respect all of them but i wanted to point something out and that is love marriage , adultery is forbidden and its not only in Islam but in Christianity, Buddhism and other religions too and as for love some call it forbidden to love someone as a guy or girl but if you love someone and wanna marry whats wrong in it? i mean that is not forbidden if you think logically marriage is a pure relationship and in every religion it is most respected and if someone wants to take this important decision in there hands and do not want to do arrange marriage fixed by parents i do not think Islam forbids it , Islam is a religion of peace that teaches love peace and it us the people who make it extreme misuse the name of Islam so i would say stop using the Islam and forbidding love marriage .



Do not you think we should leave those traditions and culture behind which make us bound to rules that are not acceptable , I mean parents love there kids so much give them alot of love then why? they decide to kill there own kids for the sake of society and because they know there right to marry the person they want and they didnt want to marry the person there parents choose why the parents stop all the freedom of there daughters as soon as they know she likes some guy and is interested this is not the century where people say girls have no choose , and in pakistani society as well as indian and there may be others but i do not know of that think that a girl who runs off with a guy or married to person she loves without her parents consent has humiliated the family and made the family name insulted its wrong cause ;


yeah i am right its the family fault and even if she do run away to marry we have no right to bicot cut all ties with her or even worse kill her just because she married , i would also like to mention that love marriage do not insult or humiliate the family name or reputation its us who gave it that look , and also there are many girls who remain quite by force or for there parents sake and there parents weds them off to someone they do not like , those who do this commits a sin cause;


what should be done ;

parents have every right to point good and bad and to teach and show whats right and wrong but should not say no just because its there daughters choice or sons choice all there life they have loved them so much so at this important stage and decision of there life they should not say you have disrespected us and family because of past made traditions and culture its us who made these traditions and we can erase them too its not the word of god 

love ;

love is pure feeling which is without lust and you love the other person more than yourself and will do anything for him or her to keep her or him safe and happy in love you can fall and may make wrong choices but i would its better to explore then be blinded both marriages can fail love as arrange so nothing is guarantee

links to honour killing :

sad reality :

reading these stories make you cry its the sad reality of today world that still women are slathered   and killed  , the sad reality that common rights are not given like choose , the sad reality that women and men are differentiated , the sad reality that women are killed even if they refuse a guy the guy will get angry think its his insult and will drop acid on her saying if she can not be mine then she can be no ones ,

this has to be changed :

In the end i would say we all have to fight for our rights we have to raise our voice for the weak if the problem is not on us but we have to be united and face it like its our ours then change can happen and it will be happened 



how sad it is that its sad honour killing not the murder its like closing eyes and saying its night when its day

the honour is to protect love and defend, not  in honour killing stop honour killing now


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  1. That’s such a nice post! It contains so much relieable information, you should keep on spreading such message! Well done 🙂

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    1. thank you for you kind message and appreciation you were the light in dark 🙂

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  2. Ξnigma says:

    Wow, I have learned a lot of things through this post, which I was quite unaware or.

    You should spread the word.
    I will reblog, from my laptop. Not able to do from my phone.

    Great post.
    Keep Writing. 🙂

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    1. thanks for your feedback and appreciation

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      1. Ξnigma says:

        You’re welcome. 😊

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