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what to keep in purse

hey guys i wanted to share to you what i keep in my purse and what things are important to keep too as now are summers so my items include some of the things for summers 


  • the first very important items as a female is lipstick and blush-on that are in purse always 

  • the second thing i keep with myself is sunglasses and they are really important because i have seen the difference myself that when you wear them your eyes do not hurt from sun

  •  the third item is a small notebook that comes in my purse cause i have list of things i need when i go out so i can buy them and also you can write stuff in it

  • the fourth thing is pen and some biscuits 

  • the fifth is jewelry and yeah my cell phone some money too 

  • and any other thing you can put if you think its necessary 

13 thoughts on “what to keep in purse”

  1. Pen and biscuits ..
    You have cute list of confidence.. 🙂 stay confident…
    What keeps me purse in life is having faith.. my scissors to cut my hair.. sketch book pencil and my blog password!! :


  2. sometimes we need them , and also atleast we have the satisfaction that we have them and can use it anytime we need if we miss something and we need it then we are like what we forgot it and its like the worst thing ever 🙂


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