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Today i want to share something with you about a poem i want to talk about its written by a great  Urdu poet name Allama Iqbal and i want to share the amazing story of his poem , he wrote many poem for children and motivational poems too and said to fight for freedom 

 The mountain and the squirrel :


the poem talk about a mountain and a squirrel that once a mountain said to a squirrel that if you have self respect go die as your not important , your not wise nor are you like me , i am so big and strong even the earth is no comparison to me when he says this to the squirrel the squirrel replies back look at your words what are you talking about i do not care if your big your not small like me either and if god has created you big He has created me small and i can climb trees and if your so big show me your greatness by breaking a nut 

           and Gods has created some small and some big every thing has there importance 

nothing is useless in gods creation and nothing is bad in gods creation 


link to original poem


I think this poem and story applies to real life our lives we are not useless when a mountain and squirrel can not be useless then how can we humans be as we are most amazing creation of God (ALLAH) , so i want to say this too all that out there including myself when we feel depressed and worthless remember we are not nothing is useless in this world created by God everything has a purpose no one inferior or someone bigger we are not less then anyone we are unique in our own way and you know being different is good so do not feel bad for it but just by saying it will not change our thinking and i know that better than anyone so we have to keep reminding ourselves 

we are special and not worthless even if you think your worthless there is some one out there who still loves the way your and cares for you  , you have to have faith and hope as someone told me they are priceless and free so we should use free things 🙂

And just like the mountain has its own unique role and the squirrel its own think deep what role we have as we are on this earth we have our own special roles in lives around us , to this earth and for us even if we take the stone from the road and if alone we try to keep our environment clean we are doing something we are important it does not matter weather small or big 

little drops of water makes an ocean :

this saying is quite true and i have observed it myself one day i observed that the bucket in my house is always full and i do not even open the tap for water and i though how can it be full everyday and i even use water from it everyday and still whenever i see it , its full 

                  you know what was making this happen , it was that little drop of water that makes oceans yeah i am right the tape was little lose and it would drop water after a minute which you can hardly notice has it was not fast and that little drop of water made the bucket full and it made me think if every day little drop of water can do this , which is so small then as humans what can we do think about it ? what can we achieve if we give even five minutes to exercise  regularly or any of our dreams big dreams that we think are impossible and we think working for little time what will happen ? alot can happen do not you think ?and this story sharing of me also shows nothing is small and God has done everything for a reason so do not lose faith in you neither life .



4 thoughts on “WISDOM OF GOD”

  1. This one just gave me life. I’m going through a very difficult time and I just want you to know that this blog has been a huge help in my hard times, thank you for this piece. You have opened my eyes to what I needed to see. Thank you!

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