Why I Write ?

I write because i want to do something ,something that describes me and something that can make me happy that i am achieving something and also writing is a way in which you can express yourself like who you wanna be , what you experienced in your life your struggles and its a ways to divert your mind from the problems you have and what you do in life like if you make something you can write about that experience also i am a shy person do not trust anyone easily very close people of my know who i am basically you can say i have like two personalities one is like free one and the other is a shy having control over herself and is very cautious of what she is saying like i can not talk in front some of my family people as i think what will they think about me ? they will laugh at me ? or like i will do something stupid and that is  what makes me anxious and have anxiety so i think to free yourself from all these things i think its a great way to come here write and have fun and at the end of the day you will be happy especially those comments i receive and feedback they are really appreciating so thank you for all that

Everyone has a dream but to achieve that dream you have to work hard but just by saying work hard it would not happen you have to get up and do it but first of all you have to love what you do just like a mother loves a baby, a gardener takes care of his plants like his babies which i did too but some were ruined due to some reason which i will discuss in next blog but anyway i got sad after that so what i was saying is that if you have a passion for something you will not stop you know sometimes i have thoughts like hey i am not going to lose to you and the you person is also myself basically i mean if i can not achieve something which i love or want to achieve i do not get depressed or stop doing it i fight it and tell myself i will do it , it is kind of funny but that is what i meant by love that is the power of love , i get stressed too and somethings do give me lots of stress like studying and it may be due to the experience i had with some teachers and my childhood etc but i realized one thing from it do




And writing really makes me happy i know it will be hard to be perfect at it or have those amazing skills writers have but i will try my best and yeah would not stop as :



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  1. vipashamehta says:

    Really inspiring, N writing can be a stress relief too 😊

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  2. Donna Marie says:

    great i love what u said here “chieve that dream you have to work hard but just by saying work hard it would not happen you have to get up and do it” it is so true. blessings ck out my blog if u would like to: https://rosaryandredsox.com

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  3. thanks so much for the lovely comment i really loved it and yeah sure i will definitely check your blog as your so sweet


  4. yeah you forgot the world

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  5. kristpetersblog says:

    Love this! I can completely relate!!

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  6. Aki says:

    Beautiful! ! It’s amazing that you’re doing wgat you like and feel happy about!! Keep going dear:)

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  7. Love it, don’t stop writing

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  8. you read lots of my posts thank you so much 🙂 and never stop reading hehe

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  9. I love reading and yes, I read fast. Lol. Hugs


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