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what does the word hope reminds you guys ? For me hope is the slight ray  of light that will save me i just have to believe in myself and hope if you do not have light  ,you will get lost in the dark right cause we are not cats or lions to see in the dark.

Hope is something that we can depend on and which will tell us that this difficult time will be over and we will be alright , you know Micheal Jordon  all time basket  ball player i am not a big fan of sports but i he is very inspirational personality you know why ? cause he was kicked out of basketball team in high school and after that he did not lose hope or stopped playing he worked hard and know he is the greatest player of all time if he did not had hope would he survived for living too you need hope it does not mean he never failed in his career that is his quote

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

and he is not the only personality that gives us courage to believe in ourselves there is Bruce Lee one of his quote ibe like water it means and shows have hope

  • If you have a heart break in life remember the life do not end it will be hard and it may seem impossible you will be like your life ended but really it is not the end of the world there is more to it and you learn something from it too
  • If you fail an exam or you drop out find your happiness and if you want to come back you can you deserve every happiness and losing once do not mean you lost your only defeated by yourself if you consider it so by hope we can climb again
  • You know there is a story  you know why elephants do not try to escape around there feet when they can easily break it cause when they were baby elephants it is tied to there feet and how much they try they can not break it so they lose hope and even when grows up it is set in there minds that they can not break free but we are humans god gave us brains so we should not be like an elephant 25-baby-elephant
  • I have seen hope apply in my life too like when i make those difficult hairstyles which many thing its difficult and hard but for me its my passion so it is easy then mathematics cause if i can not do it once i do it again and again until i get it right even if my hands hurt but once i start i do not stop yeah i take break from it but i have hope that i can do it and yeah then it happens you just have to be patient
  • Many people commit suicide cause something bad happens or any reason they have i know its a big one no one has the right to say that it is small but hey as i said above to see the light you have to be alive so have hope noting stays forever things change just like people,personality,habits,love,hatred change right so do the difficult times pass by ,when we are upset we need a friend we need partner someone in our lives and we crave it now if you want one of them make hope your friend ,love yourself like your life depends on it
  • And yeah the biggest thing never lose hope in Allah ,he is always there for us even if a non Muslim calls out to him he will grant his wish and it is proved in Quran you all know about faro-on i think he is in christian books too when he died in the water the most cruel king ever who killed many new male born cause he was afraid a prophet will come so the in quran it is said that when he was drowning in the water jibral a.s was throwing dirt and soil into his throat because jibral a.s feared he may stumble upon his words and call out to Allah and Allah will save him cause that is how merciful Allah is

I will end by post by saying sorry for this long post i hope you like it i put a lot of effort on it and i would like your thoughts on hope and comments also plus i want to say anyone suffering from mental illness your not alone and mental illness can be treated and anyone who knows someone suffering from it believe you have to show love and care and not to give up so the person can get better 🙂




16 thoughts on “HOPE”

  1. It was nice to read . . the post holds great meaning in terms of life . . .I even liked the idea of replacing the “i” in “illness” with “we”, so that it becomes “wellness”. Quite headstrong and beautiful, as well as motivating thoughts on hope.

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  2. Really nice post. You’ve covered all points very well, I really like the sync between each paragraph.
    Indeed we never lose hope in every situation of life. We shouldn’t’ be Aimless.
    I think it’s a good way to end with songs.. 😀

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  3. Well, you don’t have to say sorry for writing this long. It is a wonderful post.

    It speaks great lessons in life that we have to learn and re-learn. Failure, as mentioned in the quote, is tough and painful, but they’re really invaluable.

    We shouldn’t give up hope. Our hopes can be an inspiration for others to be hopeful. So, it’s a beautiful thing.


  4. It’s the conversation that matters, so I appreciate everyone’s thoughts in the internet.

    By the way, if you can update your About page so we can learn something more about you, that would be great!

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