love so amazing
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I wrote this poem three years back and i found this now seeing it makes me not believe it that i wrote it so i wrote this in urdu but i translated it for you guys and for urdu readers its below the english poem so please check it out

I Loved you without even knowing you

My soul know you ,now what else i need

Oh lord ! do some miracle

And make love in his heart for me

So that he sees me without seeing

And i know him without knowing him

And he crosses every ocean in thought of me

And show me one look of his face

Do not show the pain of love my lord !

Make me meet him my Lord !


tujhe jana ha bakir tujhe janey

roh ne jan liya ha aur kya chahey

ya allah ! koye muajza karadey

us key dil me mere liya chah (love)pada kardey

yaney wo mujhe bin dekahy dekh ley

aur me use min janey jan lo

wo mere yad se tarp kar har darya par kardey

aur mujhe auskey aik jahlak dekhadey

ishq ki judaye ka gham na de ya rab

aus se mujhko mila de ya rab



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