Half a fairy tale

today i thought to write about a beautiful love story and serial and this serial made me cry the most yeah i know we girls are emotional and shed lots of tears but this one made me cry the most so lets get to the story

As the name says half a fairy tale meaning it is a fairy tale but not complete it has two halves to it and its sadness too as we say fairy tales are perfect but this half means that it is not perfect  the story revolves around two girls that are twins and were separated from childhood but they have dreams in which they see there other half and feel each other ,the one sister lives with her grandpa in her real home and other who got separated from her parents in childhood lives in a small town small home but is very jolly funny and happy always on the other hand the other sister lived in luxurious life is serious as she was grown in that lifestyle she has a male friend too who she likes a lot , is not this the perfect fairy tale but there is deep secret and that is that the princes living in palace is not going in daylight and people are spreading rumors and they look for her sister and tell her to portray her in the day and in the night she portrays but you know  why the portraying thing cause the prince in palace has an illness and that is if she goes out in sun her skin gives an allergic reaction and she will faint and all her skin will burn and this illness is real i mean it exist in real so she wishes that she can give all her wealth but she misses the sun and her sister has she lived in a different life style it is hard for her to portray as her sister but the last episode is the most emotional what happens do she survive ?what happens to the love and you know the guy she loves start to love her sister and is confused with his feelings as both are the same and there is another rich guy he loves the sister that is healthy but he did not know they are two till last so if your interested in the story you can watch it if not then tell me i can at least tell you the end 🙂 

its a Chinese drama and has all episodes on you tube with englishsubtitles so good luck 🙂

2jfnn6pthese are the four important characters of this drama



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