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kiss me

kiss me like its the last kiss

kiss me like there is no other girl

kiss me like your life depends on it

kiss me like its addicting


kiss me to show that you love me

kiss me to show that its the first and last kiss

kiss me to go to another world

kiss me to have a taste of eternal love


kiss me on the moonlight

kiss me when the stars are shinning bright

kiss me when the sun is shining

kiss me when the water is dancing in river

kiss me when the birds are singing

kiss me to show you love me

kiss me to show care to me


this is just a poem i wrote after hearing a song which inspired it but i know the first thing in any relationship is respect care trust and then the last can come affection intimacy as on the last thing relationship do not last it lasts on the first three things but a kiss as important 🙂 so enjoy


a really good song of one direction “the last kiss

there is another song too quite good but i am little embarrassed to put it here so if any  of you want

Kaichou wa Maid-sama AMV ~I’m in heaven when you kiss me~

you can give this on youtube and it will appear anyway it has a song and inside its on a manga maid sama its quite romantic so lets click the publish button here comes another post hehehee


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