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The morning breeze

sorry guys i had not posted in a while due to my writers block and also my mental problems 🙂 and brain fight cause i am writing  a story and when i write something that is not real and it do not have the real me in it , i have extreme fear that it is not going to work so i will work that out don’t worry now back to the topic 


  So do you guys now what morning breeze is many of you woke early would now right or that people that come outside before the sunrise for a walk , today i decided to write about it morning breeze is cool air in the morning before sunrise and you know what is so awesome about it that fresh air gives you an inner peace and happiness , today for writing this post i am too enjoying the morning breeze and sitting outside to write about it ,cause it will make it more than real , we all are so busy in our lives and into our work-study that we forget about this beautiful nature that God has gifted us for free yeah everything has prized in this world that is ruled by men but God has gifted us everything free from our body to this earth and universe ,we are always in our rooms that we do  not this beauty to exist i am currently hearing different kind of birds voices all of that are so wonderful to ears ,one voice i can recognize it’s that of an owl ,birds are singing it shows God creation wakes up so early i am sure they are praising their Lord creator ,there is also that smell i guess it’s of flowers and the morning has it special smell ,you know when i was a child i would tell my mum to wake me up at (chirya time)chirya is a bird and as at this time lots of birds are signing humming so i would call this time bird time sweet memories of childhood i would tell her to wake me at this time when i would have some test ,as schools open at 8 am but this is before sunrise at 6 or 5 am when the sun has not risen on top , my hen is walking left and right she too wakes early ,she loves humans and i am sure she is waiting for food to be given and looking for her food like insects as in the morning there are many

so guys enjoy this morning come outside explore nature beauty relax and have fun and some time to yourself in this busy and hectic life that we have it will have good effect on our health and mood and find out the morning breeze that is waiting for you outside the door and yeah be kind to yourself like you will be to the one you love 




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