when ruthless storm overwhelms my world

when settling sun falls off the endless road

when dark clouds overshadow the sky

when i step back out of fear

I hear my inner self telling me this

 you have to savour all the bitter pains

before you have  the heart of courage

you have to face the dark nights

don’t cry  

your just flying against the wind

looking up you will see the morning twilight 

try to give yourself a smile

 fight the fate with all you have

don’t cry

 deep within , you have a burning faith  

don’t cry 

 you should be proud of yourself

 I believe i will fulfill all my dreams

All my dreams

hey guys we are facing so much in our lives so much pain so much bitterness that no one can see but only we can feel it ,only we are the ones that know our crying  behind close door how much we make ourselves strong there comes some point in our lives that we are broken no one knows about it only we know how much hurt and how much week we are feeling so i found this actually it is a Chinese song  from love never forgetting but i wrote its lyrics before  and kept it safe as it was so encouraging and  now i edited it a little bit to my taste and wrote it out for you guys so when ever your feeling hopeless when your crying read this and i hope you will feel little better 

606e1072d127340b5a528f4baf70a0edthat is said so true the tears of soul

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