I want to dedicate this post to my mother and every mother and every girl out there who has misunderstanding with her mother or there inner problems cause that 


beautiful everlasting love


the sleepless nights she spend with you



so romantic so cute


never feel alone


so cute ,so pretty


she has put so much effort growing you and made lots of sacrifices s0 respect her


 I as a kid was really close to my mum and still am but as i grown there has been lots of changes from teen years   ,i would  share everything with my mum like i would  come running from school and share what happened at school , but then as i growed up the changes started i would not share anything  cause sometimes very bad things would happen at school like we were growing and i did not wanted to upset her or make her worry, so slowly there also came differences of opinion we are mother and daughter but we talk so much have common interest about clothing ,gossip etc so there is bound to have disagreement and misunderstand i do not have this with dad as he and i do not have common goals or interests , i would start to feel then she do not  care about me cause we both hurted each other badly but you know what is the charm of this relationship every relation in this world can be broken into thousands pieces but a mother and daughter bond is something that can never break whatever happens you get back together i would give the credit to my mum for this cause as kids we are stubborn we do not want to accept or say our mistake out loud it makes us feel weak so we always put a strong face saying we are superb never make mistake ,are never careless   (when actually we are quite ) 🙂  do not like others to point out at us it makes us frustrated ,but these parents have so big hearts like deep then ocean they forgive us they come to us just like we were kids and get upset  and they would make come to us clear our tears how much upset we are if we say go the only person that would stay is mother not go, grab us, hug us ,clear our tears away when we are crying at that time i did not realized i was being stubborn but slowly she diverted my mind and now i realized

how much she care i told her” you do not care “,

she replied “if i did not cared then why would i be here  i do not get peace in bed when your like this ”

it made me quite speechless actually i was in quite a bad shape crying and upset i was not myself but she made me okay “thank you ”  for that

        i was sick two days back and i realized that as she is getting old now i should be one taking care of her but when i was sick i did not ate anything she was the one that forced me to eat ,she was the one that took care of me i am really frustrated because of the sickness but you know one thing happened good i realized my mothers love and care and realized she will always be there whatever misunderstanding come i will remember one thing she is my mother and there is nothing that can break us and she really loves me whatever i do 🙂

       so anyone of you if have the same problem , growing up the problem with the relationship of mother and daughter remember its just a misunderstanding when you think your mother do not care    

she is the one who loves you in the whole world with blind eye meaning whatever you are she loves you , your part of her body and will you not love your self so if the matter is not good at the moment it will be okay 🙂

she loved you so much from when you were small till you grown up so how can that love fade , any love can fade get finished misunderstanding can destroy it many things can come in between but the mother daughter bond is special a magical one so if its not too late she is with you so do whatever your in power to make her happy 🙂





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  1. This is a beautiful tribute to your mother and all mothers lovely words and wonderful photographs speak to my heart have a great day happy days ahead happy writing

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    1. yeah its beautiful thanks for your feedback and love

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  2. Mother´s are so precious!!! Thanks for sharing this!! 💛

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    1. yeah sure they are , your welcome

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  3. Aki says:

    Aw, a beautiful tribute to mother. Yes you are right we must care and love her 🙂 ❤ Thank you for sharing

    Liked by 3 people

    1. thanks i am happy you liked it 🙂


  4. It’s sometime frustrating how different you can be from your mother. But it’s looking past the differences and the negatives that let you continue to create a healthy relationship with your mom. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. i think cause its because everyone is different and also the age factor there comes many changes with you growing emotionally thanks for coming by and your feedback

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  5. Such great emotion and love captured in those images!

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    1. thanks yeah it shows lots of emotions and love

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  6. luckymwachi says:

    Nothing compares to a mothers love..this is beautiful, thanks for sharing

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    1. yeah your right thanks for sharing and coming by

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  7. lajuani says:

    My mum is my best friend 🙂

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    1. That is awesome 😄


  8. I like what I have read so far

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    1. and i hope you keep coming by i am really glad you did 🙂

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  9. Bonsai says:

    Lovely. I hope someday my adult daughter accepts me again. She is very fragile. I love her so much.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yeah she will hope is life i know you love her every mother loves there kids


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