Sunset at Immerovigli – Santorini

this place is so beautiful and check the pictures really romantic and what a beauty


Wish I knew more words for “amazing”, “gorgeous”, “stunning” because even these aren’t enough to describe the lovely walk from Imerovigli to fira. This place can be called a small village located close to city FIRA.  It is a continuation of Fira. Immerovigli is a picturesque. I would say it is equally romantic destination like Oia and Fira.

Imerovigli generally is a 25 – to 30-minute walk to Fira (along the clifftop footpath). It’s downhill all the way to Fira. This is the classic hiking trail many people take every day. It will take you 3 hours to cover the 9 km distance from  Oia to fira. But we decided to start walking from imerovigli and this was a lovely walk along the caldera with great views here is a clifftop path that has magnificent views of the Caldera that a camera could ever shoot.

There is lot of options…

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