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descendants of sun

today i am writing about a song , its really beautiful makes your heart beat fast so here are the lyrics, i thought to write them ,are not they beautiful? and there is a poem written by me at the end so please read till end 🙂


when i see you ,everything stops  

i don’t know since when

one day you came to me like dream

you shook up my heart

i knew that it was destiny

i love you  

only you

 are you listening ?

close your eyes your love came scattered with the wind

where ever you are

i will love you 

are not the starting lyrics so wonderful breath taking here is the full song if you wish to hear

here is the full song it is sung in male version too but it has some teasers from the drama which i do not wish to watch

its story is really beautiful if anyone of you wish to watch and have free time i will recommend this drama serial and its Korean to be honest they have the power to kill with there looks just never heard of that right who kills someone with there looks but they kill with there breath taking actions too so in this story its between love with a doctor and solider anyone who love romance like me should watch it i recommend and anyone obsessed with Korean drams or chines or Japanese should watch it too i had a beautiful

the writer of this drama is so amazing i thought to write about a poem on soldiers  and doctor love  and also to tribute them and there hard work the writer of this drama has so far did justice ha ha as i have only seen few episodes i don’t know i will cry at the end if its a sad ending or i will jump at the end if its a happy ending but if the hero dies i am sure some tears are going to come 🙂 i was thinking while watching it no person has ever made me laugh so much except my parents of-course they are my world  🙂

you fight in war to save lives 

i fight in operating room to save lives

you stay awake so your nation can sleep

i am awake so the patient survives

you put your life at stake

i do my 100 % with erasing myself

busy in our lives

fighting and saving

doing out duties

families and friends praying for your life 

family and friends  asking me” did i saved there loved ones life?”

live and spread love

your jobs looks more important then me

but both can not survive without each other

where  there is  wound a doctor is  needed

 where there is war a soldier is needed

both are brave

brave to fight not run away to save there’s 

brave to see blood and still function normally 

by flying colours

i hope you guys like it ,its a fusion of soldier and doctor ,the you is used for the soldier and i for the doctor i tried my best now at-least give some credit 🙂




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