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The Beautiful Sky

During my visit to my village the thing i noticed most was the beautiful sky at night , i would just look at it and get lost never thought it was so beautiful , in our life , in city i hardly go outside to garden or go outside in day so busy with the internet and other stuff that it is rare for me to get lost in the natural things but in the village our home is open it is not closed like homes in cities if you want to go from one from to other you have to pass the open area or you can call it garden without grass :), so i saw the sky many times at night with stars so many just shinning above and i realized how beautiful the sky is , and how romantic it can be to go out on a date to see stars with someone you love , it can be beautiful alone too so do not be sad singles :),

Also there is red sky in Islam there is a special night called lalatul qadar at that night all the angels come down to earth so at that my mother called me outside and how we know it was that special night as there are four days given in which it can be one actually the whole sky at midnight was so red and i saw a few crows fly by and it was like it will be morning in a while so beautiful no star also i was just looking at the sky for few minutes like is it really the sky so clear ,so red, no stars,no darkness it was like light so just wanted to share it was also really pretty and surprising to the eyes


It has so  many colours

blue,black ,red and yellow

spread across the world

protects the world

and make the hearts meet

by the help of  an aeroplane

It has its own features

Rain,sun,snow are its powers

Sky so far away

But seems so close by

Looking up at the sky

we want to fly so high

birds can fly

ah i envy you so much for that

It is one sky but has so many colours

Blue ,black ,red and yellow

Each shows a dazzling beauty

the sky has so many colours and powers , so many changes

but is not it one sky

so beautiful

so don’t be afraid of change

as it has its own charms

and we are still the same 

as we know the sky changes it do not remain the same for long and many of us are afraid of change so just like the sky it changes it has many colours but its every colour is pretty so such are we can change have many colours and powers we are still beautiful , we look great with every features  as we are unique and as long we are breathing we the best creation of god so give credit to yourself friends 🙂 also I have not been able to post here frequently neither read the fellow amazing writers and readers blog cause i was away on some travel so no connection has well so sorry guys for not reading nor posting but as i am back so i post now 🙂

in this poem it and this post there is a lesson and my emotions about the beauty of sky and one more thing guys TELL ME WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SCENE OF THE SKY AND COLOUR  TOO , I FIND THE NIGHT MOST BEAUTIFUL 


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