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how to make a women quite …

“A foolish man tells a woman to stop talking, but a wise man tells her that her mouth is extremely beautiful when her lips are closed”. – ANONYMOUS

  This quote fits this post perfectly , women what comes in your mind when you this word comes  beauty ? sexy ? i think this may come to you mind but do something else comes other than this men ? women is the name of sacrifice , women  have a beautiful heart , a loving and caring mother , a daughter that  can get through a fist but will feel pain on her dad’s pain ,  a sister that fights but helps you when your in trouble , a wife that stands by you in every storm  this is women so remember it ,

this is only for some fun that i am going to write no hurting anyone feelings 🙂 

so i have noticed something and many men have done to women talk a lot , right if its your mother,daughter,wife or daughter and it can sometimes bother you they can talk more when they are excited about something or something you have done wrong they will be complaining a lot about it or if there is serious problem it can be anything 

  1. agree with her it solves lots of problems sometimes
  2. food its a great thing ,if she is food lover and your driving and she is complaining about something you did wrong keep her favorite snack in the car or stop to buy something she is in love with crazily and she will busy eating them and you can drive peacefully 🙂
  3. distract her , talk about her favorite movie or like something she may be interested in or is good at , you can also use this when she is depressed a great way to handle situations
  4. stare at her that is if your in relationship with her she will wonder why are you staring in her eyes 🙂
  5. and in movies and serials i have seen a lot a kiss makes a women quite speechless and blush this one also includes if you are deeply in love with each other and in relation you can try kissing her suddenly and it may turn out great but only if your in relation and you know she will not get angry
  6. but remember if a women stops talking to you its a red signal meaning she is really upset so do not take it to that level
  7. sports can be pretty boring too so if you start to discuss this she will be quite or tell you its boring be quite 🙂
  8. ice cream all women love it so you can buy that too it will make her lips quite like you do not exist 🙂 she will love it as i myself am i crazy fan of ice cream and chips and sweets sometimes

and also respect women always do not hurt her feelings this is only for fun i tried to write and showing an intelligent man to handle a women its not easy to handle a women the foolish can not as you can see by the quote

i am late and i am not posting much i have not much activity and not much views comments and followers but the fact is i am having pace of my life and that is giving me hard time and i am procrastinating too but now i decided to do it so i did it

start now and stop procrastinating , it may seem difficult but is not impossible



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