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We writers face this right ? we are not confident about our stuff ,we are never satisfied what we write we want it to be best and in the theory of best we face many hurdles many battles within ourselves , we inspire other writers there work there way of handling the article and call him or her a real writer but are not we also a writer , why we so criticize ourselves ? can not we credit ourselves too a little bit is enough as well , and i agree with this tweet we think its  harder for us but not for other i think everyone faces problems during writing some may often , some may less or some have mastered this skill but even the master faces problem sometimes and we never know , 

      when we are having trouble emotional or any other kind of it affects our writing as well and the pace that we are writing we have to make writing a habit cause its our friend that will never abandon us if writing is harder for you , your not alone  cause if its your passion you will return to it no matter what 🙂



9 thoughts on “BEING A WRITER”

  1. This attracted my notice: “If it’s your passion, you will return to it no matter what.”

    It is true. So don’t be frustrated and be hard on yourself if writing suddenly doesn’t seem to work for you. Sometimes, you just have to breathe and everything will be all right.

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  2. Seriously I write depending on my mood. Writing something is a way for me to let those thoughts and emotions that clog my mind and heart an escape. I feel so good after writing something.
    Yes I will admit that writing sometimes is very difficult. I sometimes don’t have any idea about what to write.


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