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hold me



hold me i am falling

hold me my love

i am breaking inside

can you see it

can you hear the shattering of my heart ?

into billions of  pieces

hold me before i take my last breath

take me in your arms

hug me ,kiss me

hold me i am falling

hold me my love

i am hurting inside

can you feel my pain

injury is seen not pain

but can you see i am bleeding inside

i am injured inside

can you see it

hold me , save me

before it kills me

i want to survive

i will survive

just held me your hand

save me ,from drowning

just hold me ,hug me

i can survive anything

if your with me

hold me ,hug me

f5831885c56e09fd61c3a7b706843a914471bef2c28248561c0cbecba5cac9b33096aacb0534c61c23713f51f986c7e9172c15f8c2e40761da88cec410abd171b4b720e47749208362510773b4e74444Hold my hand and I'll go anywhere with you.


14 thoughts on “hold me”

  1. I love the romantic idea of having someone beside you to hold you when you hurt, of having someone to catch you when you fall.

    The reality is, life is not always like that. You have to be strong on your own to face life.

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  2. yeah we have to be strong and its not a tv serial that someone will catch us but the idea is so romantic that even if your suffering just thinking about an imaginative person being there makes you stand up again on your feet


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