my mothers chicken recipe

I cooked chicken yesterday and it was so tasty actually before that i cooked finger lady and i put them on stove and forget which resulted in over cooking so this time i tried my mother recipe of chicken and it went well

First of all i took 6 chicken pieces you can take how much you like then i marinated them with

lemon , ginger and salt

and put them aside for about an hour,

even after washing my hand they were smelling of lemon and ginger 🙂 ok it has two methods to cook

method 1

  1. cut onion according to the chicken pieces taken, i took one small onion
  2. then take tomato cut in small pieces  too according to the pieces ,i took two small tomatoes
  3. then put the pan on heat when the oil gets little hot put the onions in it
  4. after a while put ginger cut in it ,after it get golden brown do not let it too brown or it will raw
  5. now put the chicken pieces in it the color will change little bit as you change the side of the chicken then as it changes from both sides then put the tomatoes in it ,salt according to your taste but remember you have put salt on chicken before so be careful not to increase it  and some turmeric powder for color then put a head on the pan meaning to cover it so that the tomato produces water and it will help to cook the chicken keep checking after few minutes to see cooked or not cause do not leave it and go somewhere else it may burn then so keep an eye close it will be cooked soon ,


method 2

just fry them in oil after marinating and fry in deep oil it will be so yummy try it our


you can use both method or one let me know what you think and its not curry chicken that people may think cooks in India or pakistan it depends on you if you want curry for that you have to put water after putting tomatoes and some yogurt which i am not big fan of i like with the curry so good luck  and as this was my first time cooking chicken so i forgot to take pics next time i will publish it when i cook again


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