born alone , will die alone
will be buried alone , and came alone to the world
was alone during hard times , fought alone
you hurting me is not new , but why it hurts so deep each time
feel the pain all alone , feel the hurt alone
where no one see or even understands it
with no trust and no love
would i survive , where the world throws arrow at wounded wound
the worst thing that you could do to  me ,is hurt me where i am weak
where thoughts stop ,where it is already wounded
the arrows you throw makes the pain worse ,
the arrows you throw makes me fall again ,
makes me heart beat , makes my body feel the worst nightmares ,
all alone i suffer , do any one care ?
would someone feel the pain i do ?
would someone understand me ?
why prove my innocence? , can’t you see how innocent i am behind this mask,
the mask to protect myself from the hurt ,
but still some arrows pierce the mask ,

arrow once left can not be stopped
just as words once said can not be taken back
the arrow hurts and the words cause stress
physical pain is the result id that stress


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