we fight with each other

with reasons that seems so stupid

saying we are different

with skin colors black,white and tan

we fight on religion, race ,nationality

we say we are different ,cause of our differences and beliefs

so we hate, kill, despise each other

bombard each other with bombs, guns , words

but we are all same from where i can see it

you have to just increase your eye sight

we are same , cause we all feel pain

we all want peace

do not want the voices of bomb and fear of being killed 

we are same cause we all have hidden pains within ourselves

which may lead to suicide , cuts

so how are we different ?

when we all want love , to be cared for

how can we discriminate on the basis of religion,race, nationality

when we all are the same with so many familiarities.

the problems may not be the same but the depression sadness is the same

the kid in america depressed is the same as the kid depressed in pakistan

borders are made to separate land

not to separate hearts

i do not see you different

we all need the basic human rights


so what makes us different

clothes,languages , culture ,food they are so minor as compared to smiles

which are so same

if we want to fight

lets fight against the hunger

lets fight against the violence

lets fight against the bulling

lets fight against the hatred

lets fight for the rights

that you and i have together

making the world a better place to live in



been through all the storms

still standing here alone

waiting for the next storm to pass by

each storm put scars on me

new scars waiting for you



whats my fault

why can  not you see me happy

you think your advice are useful

 but  instead they have the opposite effect

doing more bad then good

making me feel like a loser , useless

crushing my self esteem

your false praise will do no good  

easily can believe words like loser,user,ugly,fat

but even after you saying hundred time

can’t believe beautiful wise,intelligent words  

i can stay in illusion praiseing  myself

to see you laughing at my words

but can not believe praise

not used to it

these  words have the opposite meanings

like you laughing at my face

you do not mean it

i do not need your fake concern

so stop bringing it up

i try to avoid it but i forgot

that is the most interesting topic for your gossip so

how can you leave my wounds

how can you leave it,they heal

you scratch again making it so new

like they never got better


hey mother ! where are you

breathing is hard

i need you to hug me

so my wound can recover

but you so busy in your life

that you can barely see my tears 








 words do not match the thoughts

actions do not match the feelings

so do not believe  the words

look deep within the heart

what do you see ?

do you see the NO into becoming YES

do you feel the anger into becoming care

do you see the love behind the quarrel 

its like a mirror with two faces

a face hidden from everyone 

a face on the front

may conceal the feelings 

broken hearts  are wandering

as ghosts in bright light

so see within  the  heart

beyond the mask

explore the dark and white secrets

hidden inside the mask

the beauty , the vulnerability

love it like a man if you want to see the jewels

behind the mask 


I thought to write about this cause i think sharing with you guys is every important , today some far away guest came and we had conversation some of her words made me speechless with no reply and i did not liked it , first of all she criticized me for sleeping in the day and said i sleep all day i told her do not you sleep in night i am awake in night so yeah i will be sleeping in the day at least few hour till lunch but as stubborn these people are putting business in others personal life she said what i do at night then? oh my god what do people do in day have every asked this no but i replied what you do in day , i talked about i am thinking about cutting hair i am quite excited about it cause i have long hair and  i wanted  a new look so yeah there she started saying that i sleep all day anyway so why should i get one  people who works have job or go to college( actually i home study ) so have different time to study or go somewhere should look good look after themselves but i never agreed with this statement that we should get ready for others i always thought we should love ourselves i was not able to reply back or make her mouth shut but i think we should defeat these kind of people by taking and loving more of ourselves that is the best revenge right


  • “I AM BEAUTIFUL TO THE ONE PERSON  WHO MATTERS ” , YES HECTORS MOUTH IS GOING TO BE OPEN WHEN HE SEES YOU ” ,” THANK YOU BUT I MEANT ME  ,I’m BEAUTIFUL TO MYSELF  ”                                                                                                           RAE CARSON 
  • You yourself  , as much as anybody in the entire universe , deserve your love and affection .                                                                                            BUDDHA 

  • There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness (Maria Mitchell)
  • The best thing about beauty is that no picture can express it  (Francis Bacon )
  • Just keep moving forward and do not give a shit about what anybody thinks . D o what you have to do for yourself  (Johnny Depp )
  • To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment . (Ralph Waldo Emerson )





oh no ! there is thief in the house

at midnight , making strange noises

coming from kitchen and the breaking of plates

is he a bipolar  or drunk

making my way there

with a stick to hit the thief with a bang bang

but its a crime scene with the sight of food scattered

a big mess made by Jerry ‘s brother

big black mouse with those murderous eyes

he is not an invited guest

runs before i can hand him over to authorities

midnight thief on wanted list

so let me know if you see him

 thank you for your cooperation  then 

what is love?

love a puzzle

the answer is here what your looking for 

love a blessing

love a curse

love a beautiful dream

love a nasty nightmare

raise you to clouds

bury  you within the grounds

 the door to freedom

or the shackle to your hands

love an illusion

love the reason to live

love a cruel game

or a sweet poison

love starting of a new life

within you

or the death of both the souls








this life is not a fairy tale

it has black holes

that can swallow you whole

the beasts that bites you

and you bleed till your death

fairy tales once a reality

now just a dream

flowers blossom in fairy tales

in reality they are smashed

into tiny pieces

in fairy tales its true love called soul mates

 in reality its lust called one night stand

dance to the beat

that fairy tales don’t exist

every girl wants to be a princess

 since she is three 

that’s her innocent dream

to have a prince riding on white horse

and to be a princes

like snow white ,Bella and Cinderella

 the hard reality hits

when she turns 16

that fairy tales don’t exist 

only fake false lies

and fake love exist 

this life is not a fairy tale

                                                   by flyingcolours