scars deep inside my wrist 

each scar , has its own story to tell the world

Hidden deep under the long sleeves

Afraid the world may see

A constant fear inside

that someone may know

 and my secret out

these scars, that tell my story

to each and everyone

they may laugh ,they may pity

whatever they do will hurt me deeply

So scars, be hidden 

And don’t show the weakness

deep inside me 


i want to tell you girls something your beautiful these scars that we have within our hearts or as our hidden secrets do not make us ugly , and we should not be ashamed of them as they shows how strong we were  and your beautiful and i am beautiful regardless of color,religion,race ,nationality  beauty do not relay on these things one is inner beauty and other is outer beauty and it depends on eyes so my eyes see you beautiful and myself as well and that’s important so do that and not hurt anyone 


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  1. Scars are to be celebrated because they mark the healing of wounds we have once bravely endured.

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  2. yeah but they are also the mirror showing our messed up selves


  3. J L Hunt says:

    Very Moving…
    For those who believe in Christ, instead of focusing on your scars…Remember his

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  4. I am glad you liked it it’s actually about self harm and for awareness how they feel thank you for your feedback 😀

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  5. I am glad you liked it ☺

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