this life is not a fairy tale

it has black holes

that can swallow you whole

the beasts that bites you

and you bleed till your death

fairy tales once a reality

now just a dream

flowers blossom in fairy tales

in reality they are smashed

into tiny pieces

in fairy tales its true love called soul mates

 in reality its lust called one night stand

dance to the beat

that fairy tales don’t exist

every girl wants to be a princess

 since she is three 

that’s her innocent dream

to have a prince riding on white horse

and to be a princes

like snow white ,Bella and Cinderella

 the hard reality hits

when she turns 16

that fairy tales don’t exist 

only fake false lies

and fake love exist 

this life is not a fairy tale

                                                   by flyingcolours 




22 Comments Add yours

  1. my valiant soul says:

    Story of a girl!

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  2. my valiant soul says:

    I meant..story of each girl..sadly!

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  3. yeah its sad but so true

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  4. thank you for commenting 🙂

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  5. my valiant soul says:

    But we need to hold our horses and wait for the correct moment,fantasy may become the reality!:)

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  6. yeah miracles can happen in this life

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  7. Yes I agree with both of you to hear right above me and I love the poem I just want to say that I like to pick out a couple of verses but I’m on my phone so I can’t do that I have to wait to get on the computer bless and take care. Donna Marie

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  8. thefeatheredsleep says:

    so much truth here

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  9. You write great pieces in poetry.

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  10. that’s a big compliment for me flying in clouds lol thank you 🙂


  11. yeah thank you for your lovely comment

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  12. thank you for loving it and i will love it if you pick some verses and thank you again for loving it your comment really made me happy
    you too take care stay happy 🙂


  13. thefeatheredsleep says:

    you are so welcome you write beautifully and truthfully xo

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  14. Fab Writings says:

    Beautiful! But if one doesn’t lose his/her faith, fantasy can turn to reality…

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  15. I enjoyed that. I like the “black holes that can swallow you whole.” A nice use of wordage!

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  16. thank you for the lovely comment and yeah black holes are in universe so there i got the word and idea:)

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  17. thank you for the lovely comment and faith comes with experience if once the heart breaks it get hard like stone looks at every prince as thief

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  18. Fab Writings says:

    So true, but we must at least try to trust others because everyone is not the same…
    Still, you are correct, it may take time to that wound to recover…

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  19. your right have heard this a lot that everyone not the same but why does she get everyone that are the same? no difference
    and yeah for the wound it takes time 🙂 again thanks for commenting

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  20. yeah thank your for your comment


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