bitter truths, freedom, pain


Hello ,

This may seem scary to talk to you guys but i wanted to do it to speak what it is my mind ,

I can not even call you dear cause do you think you deserve to be called dear one ? after killing someone you think you will get a prayer from someone and win someone heart ? no i don’t think so .

In this world there is something humans can not escape even if he is the king of the world or a poor on street no power can stop from happening that called death but it should come naturally not by you killing innocent people and taking the fate of there life in your dirty hands , you kill someone for your own stupid reasons , is killing that easy ? do not your heart shakes before you take this step? and you never regret it , is not that so shameful where have your conscience died go first search for that where it is lost , your heart has become stone heart and your anger is on the rise which can kill anyone who offends you .

You call yourselves Muslims , you do not even deserved to be called Humans cause human beings or even an animal will not do that , many westerners think all Muslim’s are terrorists because of your wrong doing but they forget you guys kill millions of Muslims in different countries, places not even sparing kids and women and Islam teaches to protect kids and women so how come they are one of us ? the answer is No your never part of any religion.

Do not think you will go to heaven after killing hundreds of innocent people and then you will go to heaven this is just a misconception cause the god you pray and the religion you follow never say to kill , no religion has said that , the concept of hell and heaven exist in Islam as well as Christianity . Other religion in the world never said to kill kids, innocent women and men even the guilty you do not have the right to kill .

For bringing a life to this world nine months are required so how come you can take life in a blink second just a button click and hundreds died , just a bullet and a life gone

life is beautiful thing wheather is it hard to live sometimes but it is still worth to life it do not make excuses to take life cause whatever reason you have it is just an excuse to fulfill your ego,fake believes ,anger etc whatever reason that is , if your poor , your poverty will be gone one day but if you took lives those lives can not come back , if you have debt that will be gone one day but those lives would not come back so stop it and look tomorrow can be a new sunshine so if you even though about it erase it forever and always




  1. The terror attack in Quetta killing (100) hundreds of people and many injured
  2. The Paris attack by isis and many more attacks done by them just to create fear and hatred.
  3. The attack done on army school killing many small kids and teenage boys who could be the star of rising future and burning teachers alive.


  1. Even though they claim to be propelled by religious beliefs, this is not a spiritual war at all. Don’t get caught up in the ideologies.

    They will only be defeated through reason and action.

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