hey guys check out these awesome pictures babies are cute if they are of  human or animal you have love for them

baby the angel on earth

the shinning star

that brings smile on your face 

mouse deer or french word little goat


the clouded leapord



otter babies






arctic fox pups


Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits

Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits are the world’s smallest and among the rarest.It is native only to a single area of Washington State and usually weighs less than a pound in adulthood and was declared extinct in the wild during the 1990s. The last purebred Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit died in 2008, marking the end of the pure genetic line



Marmosets are highly active little monkeys, living in the upper canopy of forest trees, and feeding on insects, fruit and leaves. Common Marmosets are one of the smallest monkeys in the world and are very sociable. They hang out in groups of around 15


Australia’s echidna puggle

Covered in spines, Australia’s echidna puggle is one of the rarest animals in the world: It’s one of only two known mammals that lay eggs. Instead of having teats like other mammals, Echidnas have patches on their abdomen that excrete milk for their young to lap up. As adults, Echidnas use their sticky tongues to slurp up ants and termites. Their spiny coats are an effective defense against predators



Sloths are slow-moving, nocturnal creatures. They live in trees in the tropical and cloud forests of Central and South America. Their curved, sharp claws are 3 to 4 inches long. These claws are handy for hanging onto tree branches but make walking on the ground awkward. Yet sloths are great swimmers and can drop from a tree into a river to swim across it while doing the breaststroke! When sleeping, sloths often curl up in a ball in the fork of a tree.


baby hedgehog


A baby elephant

 A baby elephant is called a calf and at birth weights about 100 kg When the baby calf is ready to be born the whole herd creates a circle around the mum that is going to give birth to protect both her and the baby, once it has been born the elephants will help the baby stand. The older elephants including the grannies help look after the babies. The social structure is very important to elephants as they work as a big family.


humans cute babies 




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  1. Aww, Yeah they are soooo cute ❤

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  2. jennymarie4 says:

    Adorable! Made me smile 🙂

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    1. yeah they make us smile thank you for the lovely comment 🙂

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  3. Woah Baby Elephants weighs 100kg? Didn’t expect that lol! Cute post 🙂

    Your pal,

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    1. i am glad you liked it yeah its new information for me as well take care 🙂

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