cut them out

the people who makes you feel bad

making you think your not beautiful

the people who makes you sad

by laughing at your beautiful things 


cut them out , from your life         

erase them , delete them              


they hurt you by there words

they make those big diamonds , in your eyes

they want your life to live up to there rules

making religion as there key 


cut them out , from your heart

erase them ,delete them 


they act superior by disregarding you

making your likes ,as trash

making you wrong and them right

smashing you under there shoe 


cut them out , from your life

erase them ,delete them 


cause they are poison , which will kill you slowly      

cause they are needles , pricking you 


they sleep peaceful nights ,while make yours wander 

so cut them out , as they don’t deserve you

don’t think you will be alone

or get no cure as

life is full of twists

and people who will cure you ,not kill you 



12 thoughts on “cut them out”

  1. Nice post indeed.

    Though personally, I do always try to turn the “Poison” into a remedy for other “Poison” if possible.
    After all, as dangerous a fire can be, it also has its ways in making a difference in people’s lives 🙂

    But of course, if all seems lost and truly hopeless for that particular “Poison”? I’ll then steer away from the biohazard ground lol!

    Your pal,

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  2. its simple:) it just means for every poison there is some medicine to cure it just like a virus can be used as benefit when a virus copy is send into the body so the white blood cells can recognize it called vaccines so either become good friends with the poison , or just make it invisible like an alien 🙂


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