I thought to write about this cause i think sharing with you guys is every important , today some far away guest came and we had conversation some of her words made me speechless with no reply and i did not liked it , first of all she criticized me for sleeping in the day and said i sleep all day i told her do not you sleep in night i am awake in night so yeah i will be sleeping in the day at least few hour till lunch but as stubborn these people are putting business in others personal life she said what i do at night then? oh my god what do people do in day have every asked this no but i replied what you do in day , i talked about i am thinking about cutting hair i am quite excited about it cause i have long hair and  i wanted  a new look so yeah there she started saying that i sleep all day anyway so why should i get one  people who works have job or go to college( actually i home study ) so have different time to study or go somewhere should look good look after themselves but i never agreed with this statement that we should get ready for others i always thought we should love ourselves i was not able to reply back or make her mouth shut but i think we should defeat these kind of people by taking and loving more of ourselves that is the best revenge right


  • “I AM BEAUTIFUL TO THE ONE PERSON  WHO MATTERS ” , YES HECTORS MOUTH IS GOING TO BE OPEN WHEN HE SEES YOU ” ,” THANK YOU BUT I MEANT ME  ,I’m BEAUTIFUL TO MYSELF  ”                                                                                                           RAE CARSON 
  • You yourself  , as much as anybody in the entire universe , deserve your love and affection .                                                                                            BUDDHA 

  • There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness (Maria Mitchell)
  • The best thing about beauty is that no picture can express it  (Francis Bacon )
  • Just keep moving forward and do not give a shit about what anybody thinks . D o what you have to do for yourself  (Johnny Depp )
  • To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment . (Ralph Waldo Emerson )





oh no ! there is thief in the house

at midnight , making strange noises

coming from kitchen and the breaking of plates

is he a bipolar  or drunk

making my way there

with a stick to hit the thief with a bang bang

but its a crime scene with the sight of food scattered

a big mess made by Jerry ‘s brother

big black mouse with those murderous eyes

he is not an invited guest

runs before i can hand him over to authorities

midnight thief on wanted list

so let me know if you see him

 thank you for your cooperation  then