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hey guys posting after long actually i was confused did not know what to write or that what i write anyone would like ,i was in my own dilemma having doubts ,i think everyone have these in there life sometimes but the good thing is there is a new day, a new hope so lets move forward 🙂  and another thing i though of was sharing some of my talents with you guys it will be the  pictures with the posts i will be making and would title it out so regularly see it out then,  i cook , i try to make different stuff so i would be sharing with you guys one pic at a time will be good instead of all i mean i want your feedback on it 🙂 take care everyone

life means a new beginning

so lets start a new day

with a bright smile and new hopes

living each day as our first and last day

having no regrets

so that when you look back

you die satisfied as you lived

your life to the fullest

each moment worth a million dollars

you don’t appreciate life

but another on death bed wishing to have one more day

to live the dreams he ever wanted


designs made by me mehindi (henna) design




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