MY SUNSHINE (my mother )

where is my sunshine

where is my star in the dark

who guides me , holds me when my feet tremble

who makes the sadness go away

i miss you mother

i crave your hands

i want those moments my head in your lap

i want to kiss you again

with you go gone the light is gone

with you gone my eyes are blurred

i can not find my way even in burning light

mother your my sunshine and will always be

you guys must think i write a lot of post of mother and father sometimes actually these are the two strong pillars in my life and have  most interaction with as well it’s not like we do not have dis arguments we have  buts it’s just that the bond is strong the love is also more and hurt is also more 🙂

the dazzling love

they met

fated by destiny  

became close enough

that breathing was impossible without each other

friendship changed into love

they hugged

kissed under the moon light

but could not be united

with the contract of ring 

as there was a barrier no power could banish it

no sword could destroy it

making the girl pull back

with the beautiful memories of love

love that were so full of warmth and comfort

the love which had support and care

believes were different making a big different 

turning back  with her first love ending

 but faith in her hearth  still  treasured by her deeply

love will come again but religion will die with her  

love you more than anything

love is when you sacrifice for them

and not tell them if you tell them its not sacrifice but a favor

my dear parents i love you so much that I can sacrifice everything i have

my dear parents why can not you feel the love i have for you my eyes,my body ,my every motion tells that i love you

i would not say i am perfect i make mistakes tons of them

i do things in jealously which the world may think are wrong but for me they are done cause i loved you more than anything

you think i misbehaved and yeah i sometimes do that which i am guilty

but every time is not a misbehave

sometimes its the pain i have inside that is shown in words ,

sometimes its the less knowledge i have that makes me do things that i should not

i can sacrifice but there is a limit

i have  my way of living my life and i can not just change it for the sake of your relatives or loved ones

for me your the loved one and if its for you i can do it anything

i am not the good or perfect daughter

but sorry no exchange policy 🙂 with god (allah)

so how ever i am

we have to look forward and accept as it

 please do not try to change me its offensive to me

cause if i want to change i will change myself not cause someone wants that to happen 

whats wrong with me being me me ?

everyone is different i can not become someone else and someone else can not become me 

  but can you try to understand me too just a little will be enough

i can not share you with anyone

i want your love as well 

will you understand me i am your child please understand my actions,feelings emotions 

 believe me i love you more than anything 


Hey beautiful women this post is for all mothers out there here is a small tribute to all of you from me it does need to have a mother’s day to praise mothers you can always when a beautiful poem comes to mind


the face of heaven

the warmth of love

with love in her eyes only

 bound by love

love endless,cares forever  

sacrificing every luxury for her child

 as for her luxury is her child

sleep is gone as the baby is born 

she can cross mountains whats a sleepless night for her

body not the same anymore

but she never cares as  she got  something more precious

love at first sight with her child for eternity 

a mother no book  or poem can explain

 a god’s creation only one found on earth

 with the birth of a baby, a mother is born as well 


every mother is greatest for her child so all mothers are no 1 for there kids  so the awards goes to all as a tribute 


  • the sooner you realize its never going to go back to the way it was, the sooner you will move on.

  • three things can not be recovered in life ‘the moment after its missed’,’the word after its said ‘and ‘the time after its wasted ‘ .

  • worry is a wast of time it does not change anything it messes with your mind and steals everything .

  • forgive those who insult you, attack you ,or take you for granted , but more than that forgive yourself for allowing them to hurt you.

  • the energy used on trying to take revenge can be better spent creating an amazing life .

  • decide this moment to never again beg anyone for the LOVE,ATTENTION,RESPECT that you should be showing yourself .

  • the more you try to control something , the more it controls you , free yourself and let things take their own natural course .

  • never let your feelings get too deep people can change at any time .

  • I would rather live my life knowing that i am not perfect than spending my life pretending to be .

  • people can not drive you crazy unless you give them the key.

  • someone else is happy with less than what you have so BE THANKFUL

  • the only people who should be in your life are that makes you smile and happy

  • regretting wasted time is more wasted time

  • life is inherently risky, there is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs and that is the risk of doing nothing (denis waitley )

  • whoever is concerned about the next life Allah will make him wealthy of his heart (the wealth of the heart is happiness no one in this world can buy )

what inspires you let me know in the comments and tell me your favourite quotes ? and i hope you get inspired by them these are some quotes i collected in my diary over time .


boldly I say this is my life

my choices ,my decisions

don’t invade that is not your place to talk

I survive alone

I bear the pains alone

when I am walking in dessert

you’re not there

so who gave you the right to force your advice on me

I know myself so do i know the good and bad

weather I fall or get up

weather I make mistakes or wrong choice

I want them to be all my

cause this is my life

you lived your life

so let me live it by my terms

not doing what you want me to do

if my worth is known ,by the degree I have

or the job I have

or the bank status then

I do not need you

cause these things do not define my worth

I am above them

more precious ,more worth than any thing

 I am swan,  loves to be free

if you cage me , I will die

if you force me , I will still die

cause I am free

free to make my choice

nothing it has to do with you

I do not want your dirty stress

stupid advice which will lead 

the swan to  jump from the mountain 

but the swan is brave

she will fight this cruel world

with rules made making the swan suffocate

so she will break free

breaking the rules

 escaping the cage

and will fly towards her wants, desires

she will be a legend

an inspiration to the world

how to break free slavery

and claim your right

not to run but fight

that is the only way to survive

cause surrendering will kill 

so will running as well so fight for yourself ,

for your choices only yours

feel the freedom ,the motivation,the inspiration the you who you are not the fake one so choose you want to be swan ???? or any other thing you want your life , your choice 🙂