hey guys looks what i got its an award telling me to write more and more , i am very happy and thankful to a very kind heart, mysterious blogger domestic diva so now that i have thanked her and i am thankful now lets get straight to the questions she asked 🙂

(1)why did you start blogging ?

i started blogging cause i wanted to do something in my life ,wanted to be independent and so i thought to write and then so mesmerized in it that i fell in love with blogging and writing .

(2)Give one suggestion to readers for improving blogging ?

I would say try to make it easy for the readers to read like no small handwriting and themes that cover the text that’s it .

(3)what is your dream destination ?

I love sea and beaches so my dream destination is South Korea  and Indonesian island .

(4)how can you promote world peace ?

 Ignoring the differences , stopping hatred towards each other and the last spreading love and kindness.

(5)what is your favorite book and why ?

i have many books in mind as i love romance ,fantasy,horror and psychology  but one book i have started reading and that is Quran which have impressed me a lot and the reason for that is its like the book is talking to me, its like a mirror putting my true self in it , telling you what others will say even before you knew it full of surprises .

(6)what is your favorite chocolate and why ?

kit kat cause its so crispy .

(7)what gift you want for your next birthday ?

a camera i guess after thinking hard

(8)what is your favorite cuisine ?

Pakistani cuisine 

(9)what is your one suggestion to improve my blog ?

i can not think of any to improve your blog but would love to see your kids and a post on them as you mention them in you blog a lot

(10)what is your favorite part of the day and why ?

i would say night cause i love the night , its so beautiful with stars and also i am quite active in night as compared to day 



(1)what you love about blogging ?

(2)what is your favorite song?

(3)what is your dream job ?

(4)If you could exchange your life with anyone for one day who would that be and why ?

(5)Your secret romantic fantasy ?

(6)what are your habits that you hate most or want to change them ?

(7)Your most embarrassing thing that happened to you ?

(8)your favorite color ?

(9)your motive in life ?

(10)craziness you would like to do in life that you were not able to do ?

yeah so these are my questions i think they are interesting i hope you like them as well and answer all of them it is fun so challenge your self

the nominees congrats 🙂

The Dreamer Writes





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  1. Congrats bud! Don’t forget to pin up the banner/badge for the award! 😉

    If you do get a new camera, perhaps it’s time to take videos? Hehehe.
    Let’s not forget Kit-Kat’s chocolatey goodness. I need to take a break now…

    One last thing, assalamualaikum 🙂

    Your pal,

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  2. Hi , you come across as really simple person, don’t change that. Secondly I do not plan to stay a mystery always ;), As long as I am enjoying the anonymity its good but surely it can’t be forever and you might just see my kids
    All the best and don’t forget to put up the banner 🙂

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  3. Donna Marie says:

    hi there congrats 🙂 blessings in all you do … happy blogging good to know you and glad you got this. It is great when other bloggers recognize and appreciate what you do. 🙂 you deserve it. 🙂

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  4. Interesting! Congratulations.

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  5. Intentergy says:

    Thank you for sharing about yourself and the perspective you bring through your daily posts! Your nomination is an honor. Thank you!

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  6. I am glad you accepted it and thanks for liking my posts 😃and for the support

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  7. Thank you 😌so much


  8. Thank you so much for you constant support and love I am also very glad to have such good friends here


  9. Hmm thank you for saying and we will wait for the mystery to be known then and yeah I would be happy to see the kids 😀as they are so cute and what banner you meant? Sorry I did not got it and thank you again

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  10. Hahaha that is a surprise the last thing you did thank you if I got a camera I would like to take of high quality lol and yeah videos would also be fun I am happy you also like kit Kat take a break now😊by see you later

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  11. Oops I forgot to.say thank you bad manners 😀 thank you

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  12. I am not sure I thought the award looked a bit different..never mind..have a nice day!

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  13. Aditi says:

    Thanks a ton for nominating me @flyingcolours603… 🙂

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  14. oh i see i will look into it do not worry i will put that award as well thank you

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  15. Thank you so much for Nominating me for the award. Here goes answer to your questions. Kindly have a look!(And sorry for the delay☺)

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  16. thank you for saying that i am happy we can relate on the 10 , the part is not important cause we are united one nation so you can say i am from pakistan 🙂 call me flying colors i just love it and what should i call you creation?

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  17. oh i see that is your name i did know that i thought your pen name ok i will call you with viraj nice name to be honest 🙂


  18. your welcome viraj friends 🙂

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  19. yeah always like jay veru ?i recently heard about this friendship called indian friendship and other is called china friendship which one you choose lol

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  20. oh so there it comes from i see , actually i learned about it from serial and what you have not heard about ?and the choice you made is great


  21. yeah it was also said in a serial telling him to choose between the two the china friendship was i think made on the fact that china exports alot of goods and some may break with time so i guess that is why

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  22. and sorry i am again talking a lot lol bad habit

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  23. its okay i was just telling

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  24. hmm nice to hear that then

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  25. wow its great you and are similar in many ways and i have even started reading it and it brings a smile you introduced me really well and the songs you wrote i like some of them well like blank space,love me like you do,and no 1 and 4 as well

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  26. you seem like a cute guy as far as i read the pages

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  27. and hey what about my birthday do not you want to wish me lol?


  28. i said cause you asked from your nominees to wish them what me 🙂

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  29. well you can contact me on my contact form if you want

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  30. what that is so close

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