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THE WAVE OF PASSING TIMES(childhood versus adulthood )

have every thought or missed your childhood yeah sure you would have childhood has its own luxury as well which we miss when we grow up when we are kids we want power or kingdom rule and wants to be like adults big people and even copy them but when finally we grow up the realization comes how hard its to be an adult or teen .

with every attention we get as kids even if they are busy they will leave there work for us but now as we are grown ups they don’t think its important to do that ,  thinking we have grown up and do not need there attention but i wish we did not need out parents as we grown but the truth  is we need them more then ever we did we want them to be with us on every step in our life .

With the cooked food made by mother hand they say mother cooked food has a unique taste but now an adult   have to take care of myself forgotten whats the taste of mothers food  , and mess taken care of itself  as child now i have to clean, do my chores ,you help me ,guide me and i appreciate that but when you hush me off when i come to you it  hurts  a tiny part of me i do not know why it hurts there i guess i need so much , cause your the only one in my life my family the rest is just cold war as kids we would cry loud making them fulfill our wish now we hide the tears as its an embarrassment , weakness we do not want to show so we cry with lights off you came in the room but did not know i am crying how could you know the lights are off , we cry with cutting onions saying it burns , we cry in rain hiding our tears

 Showing billions the fake smile you say i am stupid but you do not get the fake smile ? which has a big difference , as kids we had nothing in hearts everything on the face good or bad ,hurt or happiness but now we have everything buried no one to share the good as they may despise it in heart or get jealous and the bad they may get happy if you show ,on hurt ,your laughed upon if you show happiness your envy-ed   looked like your the happiest on earth what every you do you get judged but do as kids you get judged what ever  you did as kid they say ‘he is just a kid ‘,’she is just a baby’ , kids have the most freedom when actually we thought we are prisoners back then cause we could express praise not hate or feel ugly bad about ourselves not judge ourselves hardly

also we have so little responsibilities as kid only daily homework we would get but that too was a burden on our small minds and i remember my teachers were really strict they would give ton of homework for home and learning as well 

i wish i could back in time and be a child ,a baby ,a kid again why we grow up ? when we are so good as kids with innocent dreams no hint of the forest outside with hunters and dangerous animals we so innocent sleep peaceful not caring what the other day brings .

this is for everyone as we all grow up its not only about me its about us when i write something i try to count and consider all of you in these emotions some may be my and some yours so its a puzzle just search it what are yours :)but whoever they are the bitter truth always lies there waiting for acceptance and going back to memories when had so beautiful , and this article is en-lighting the childhood and adulthood.


 the face of innocence

 the time of freedom 

  the phase of showing love

  that is what childhood is all about

  magical time passed so quick



the age of coming in reality

knowing bitter truth

having  the taste of independence with ups and downs

 a race to win then the other

sincere friends hard to find

adulthood make you grow old soon 


5 thoughts on “THE WAVE OF PASSING TIMES(childhood versus adulthood )”

  1. not everyone can move forward and when we have to the these passing times memories comes by as a reward for a smile and yeah i agree we should enjoy every moment but some bad moments are not enjoyed i am sure you must have had those as well ??


  2. and one thing its wrong to say we have no other choice cause saying we have to move forward is so easy but the reality is so different what is moving forward something that do not exist i guess


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