This is a true story , once upon a time there was a poor guy who did not even had clothes cover his body he used to cover his body in sand , one day by coincidence hazart mosa (a.s) was passing by the man asked the prophet to pray for him that Allah (subhanhu watallah ) remove my poverty .The Prophet prayed for him and in few days his poverty was gone he was very rich . After some time later the Prophet was passing by some place that he saw some people had captured a man and were insulting him , he immediately went there and asked why are you bullying him what has he done ? the people replied he is very bad man .He would drink alcohol and then make noises but today he crossed the line he killed an innocent women today . We are taking him to the judge and there would be decided what should his punishment be , when they done some search on that men it was known he was the same man who was poor and because of the prophet prayer he got rich but when he got rich so he become a problem for the people and himself as well .

so from this story shiek saadey has shown the difference between big heart and small heart,pious and bad character person that whatever the reason may be the difference is here .

One many that gets power he uses that for the betterment of the poor and weak but one person who gets power he uses it to torture others , so same goes for the rich one uses it for doing good and other uses it for doing mischief ,

so power and richness when both used in the right way brings justice,equality and happiness to the society and country .


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