Hey beautiful women this post is for all mothers out there here is a small tribute to all of you from me it does need to have a mother’s day to praise mothers you can always when a beautiful poem comes to mind


the face of heaven

the warmth of love

with love in her eyes only

 bound by love

love endless,cares forever  

sacrificing every luxury for her child

 as for her luxury is her child

sleep is gone as the baby is born 

she can cross mountains whats a sleepless night for her

body not the same anymore

but she never cares as  she got  something more precious

love at first sight with her child for eternity 

a mother no book  or poem can explain

 a god’s creation only one found on earth

 with the birth of a baby, a mother is born as well 


every mother is greatest for her child so all mothers are no 1 for there kids  so the awards goes to all as a tribute 


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  1. survivingbutterfly says:

    That is so awesome. As a mother that brings tears to my eyes.💗

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    1. yeah its for mothers and i am happy it makes you feel special 🙂 which every mother is

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      1. survivingbutterfly says:

        Hi! I missed you! I’ve been waiting fot for

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      2. aww i am so surprised i was missed i am really happy to have a reader who missed me and noticed my absence 🙂 tears in my eyes , thank you hmm i was actually away for festival well i am back now

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      3. survivingbutterfly says:

        I hope you had fun.

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      4. survivingbutterfly says:

        I’ve been waiting for another post!😄

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      5. you may get one soon sorry for the wait 🙂

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  2. thank you you always like my work i am glad

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    1. thanks for the compliment

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