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TOMATO FESTIVAL (la tomatina)

This is a very exciting and fun  festival that happens in Spain in the  Valencian  town of Buñol and in spanish it is called la tomatina in this festival people throw tomatoes at each other  and it is started since 1945 on Wednesday of August during the weak of Buñol festival , the fix reason as to why it started is not known but there are many reasons people say it started one is that two friends fought with each other during eating and what they got they throwed at each other there were many tomatoes in that restaurant kept and so they used it for throwing another reason they say is there were a lot of tomatoes in the farm and the workers were poor and treated badly by the owners so during one summer they all welcomed them by throwing tomatoes , in 1957 the government gave it an official holiday and then in 1975 the local authorities took everything in there hands by providing the tomatoes and the responsibility of the festival as well and in 1980 the authorities organized it after that a lot of tourists traveled to this Spain town bunol and in the locals income there was increase as well in the  government bank this festival has gained a lot of popularity around the world and even in 2013 a ticket was put on the entry still it had more tourists , this a really festival and throwing tomatoes seems a lot fun but it has some rules as well like it will start with a siren and end with a siren as the siren rings you will throw but by the end no throwing  and it is for one hour so have a lot of fun in it after the siren ends then the cleaning starts as well and also no other thing other than tomato to throw i know you want to throw eggs but they are disgusting not allowed sorry and also take care of the glasses and clothes do not wear expensive clothes for la tomatina this is a fun festival i know a lot of tomatoes are used like last year for 2o thousand people 106 ton tomatoes were used and some will call it waste of food but is not there holi in indian which use colors some are harmful and some as organic are used that do not harm but this is fruit healthy for skin 🙂 and it do not have any religious purpose it is for fun so everyone can do it if they went to Spain i would like to participate though what you say?


this is a video of that event which was recreated for a Bollywood movie in Spain the street is the same as well but the difference is it was organised by the film crew they brought tomatoes from Portugal so enjoy it if you want to see how it is .


wow this is quite a scene what you think ? i mean tomatoes all over the place


yeah one rule i forgot to write the tomatoes should be smashed ok no throwing whole it may hurt the other person


this one looks so yummy i mean common tomato paste i can just eat it lol



13 thoughts on “TOMATO FESTIVAL (la tomatina)”

  1. Wow! I never heard of that😊. But yes, I would join! We all should let our hair down and have fun sometime! 😃. Laughter is healing.

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