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love you more than anything

love is when you sacrifice for them

and not tell them if you tell them its not sacrifice but a favor

my dear parents i love you so much that I can sacrifice everything i have

my dear parents why can not you feel the love i have for you my eyes,my body ,my every motion tells that i love you

i would not say i am perfect i make mistakes tons of them

i do things in jealously which the world may think are wrong but for me they are done cause i loved you more than anything

you think i misbehaved and yeah i sometimes do that which i am guilty

but every time is not a misbehave

sometimes its the pain i have inside that is shown in words ,

sometimes its the less knowledge i have that makes me do things that i should not

i can sacrifice but there is a limit

i have  my way of living my life and i can not just change it for the sake of your relatives or loved ones

for me your the loved one and if its for you i can do it anything

i am not the good or perfect daughter

but sorry no exchange policy 🙂 with god (allah)

so how ever i am

we have to look forward and accept as it

 please do not try to change me its offensive to me

cause if i want to change i will change myself not cause someone wants that to happen 

whats wrong with me being me me ?

everyone is different i can not become someone else and someone else can not become me 

  but can you try to understand me too just a little will be enough

i can not share you with anyone

i want your love as well 

will you understand me i am your child please understand my actions,feelings emotions 

 believe me i love you more than anything 


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