love, story

the dazzling love

they met

fated by destiny  

became close enough

that breathing was impossible without each other

friendship changed into love

they hugged

kissed under the moon light

but could not be united

with the contract of ring 

as there was a barrier no power could banish it

no sword could destroy it

making the girl pull back

with the beautiful memories of love

love that were so full of warmth and comfort

the love which had support and care

believes were different making a big different 

turning back  with her first love ending

 but faith in her hearth  still  treasured by her deeply

love will come again but religion will die with her  


50 thoughts on “the dazzling love”

  1. I have read this and even commented on it. Maybe my comment has gone to your spam folder.
    I will again say, this reminded me deeply of someone and made me emotional.🙁
    The emotions were bang on. Beautiful write up. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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