MY SUNSHINE (my mother )

where is my sunshine

where is my star in the dark

who guides me , holds me when my feet tremble

who makes the sadness go away

i miss you mother

i crave your hands

i want those moments my head in your lap

i want to kiss you again

with you go gone the light is gone

with you gone my eyes are blurred

i can not find my way even in burning light

mother your my sunshine and will always be

you guys must think i write a lot of post of mother and father sometimes actually these are the two strong pillars in my life and have  most interaction with as well it’s not like we do not have dis arguments we have  buts it’s just that the bond is strong the love is also more and hurt is also more 🙂

32 thoughts on “MY SUNSHINE (my mother )

  1. i was planning to wrote a story but i wrote one part and then i did not wrote another that is the problem short stories i can not much make and long stories it need time which i did not give them so i still have them if i have time i will complete it inshallah well it can take another form as well

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  2. No no, I am really not that type of guy who shows attitude. Infact, I hate showing it.
    OK, I am sorry if you felt like that. Really sorry. 🙂
    I will try to mend my image. 😊

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  3. You didn’t came a lot also, so how could I talk with you. Moreover you felt out of place to comment on that post and thus we couldn’t had a convo. Nonetheless, we had one now and it was great.

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  4. well i was talking before that post we talking on different posts but not much like you seemed in a rush well i felt our of place as there were other there as well and when ever i am asked directly i just do not feel comfo zone

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  5. I feature blogs of others once a week so other bloggers will discover you. If you read my post using the link I furnished, you will see what I mean.


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