where is my freedom of word ???

hey guys i am pretty mad today like really i received a few messages on a post i made and put my points thoughts on the topic is IS WAR GOING TO HAPPEN IN INDIA AND PAKISTAN ? and this one guy that messages telling me to stop saying things about there country like what?  did i disrespected india ? did i cursed ? did i made a story of my own ? nope i just said the facts can not you hear them and properly answer or if you think what i said is wrong so answer it properly like a men i mean give me points not like telling me warning me to stop it or he will be harsh to me next time and will not tolerate it ? really how can you threaten someone on expressing there view point and warn them ? is this freedom , where is my freedom of speech according to human rights you have the full right to express your self and protect when everyone have the right to speak against violence what is happening in kasmir i will say it out loud so the world can know as well why can not i ? innocent horses has been killed in kasmir by army vehicle  for showing hatred for the people there here



how can i turn a bling eye ? just for the sake of someone getting upset when i know i have not said something wrong is not my blog all about freedom ? so should i take that freedom away if i know i am right , if i know what i said were the facts concern for my country so what is so wrong in it ? i can tell you about the violence about all the things happening there its in newspaper its everywhere even reading it is hard for i can not read it really you will cry if you finished it whole but still keep your shut what will happen if we shut it ? is shutting the answer and especially saying me to stop any kind of post comment taunt this is complete bullshit really i am mad you can not tell a women like that or to anyone its not a way a sensible person would do it just shows the mentality of a men to suppress women and take there right to freedom of word ,choice is this indian culture like any celebrity will say something about paksistan and they  will protest against him this is not right and please do not take my right away from me  i do not  know what it is but whatever it is its not right i will continue to right my thoughts will not come under pressure so what you think do not you think it was unfair ? well i know i should not care and i will not i will continue as i always do just want my lovely readers support 🙂


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  1. wow need any help lol

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  2. Puneet says:

    Haha.. Not right now.

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  3. hmm so rude you can say yeah sure …
    well i take back my offer lol

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  4. Puneet says:

    Haha… Rude… You always feel I am rude Han. Don’t worry, when I will need your help, I will ask myself.

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  5. ok will see then your so straight forward that is why i say

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  6. Puneet says:

    Haha… Yeah I am very straight forward and that sometimes feels like rude to other person.

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  7. see i know you well know you do not know me or do you ????

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  8. Puneet says:

    I have a hard time knowing people with whom I don’t talk face to face. Talking over comments, whatsapp and then knowing about a person is very hard for me.

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  9. well you can know a person if you talk with them if you have a hard time that is also fine

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  10. Puneet says:

    Hmm… Well I am not much good at judging people.

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  11. well that is a scorpion quality as well

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  12. Puneet says:

    Haha.. You seem to know every fact about a Scorpion.

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  13. yeah well its my star i must know

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  14. Puneet says:

    Fill in the blanks.

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  15. cause your speechless so lets play dots haha

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  16. haha you must think i am always online well i was working on something

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