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stop the terror

killing millions , spreading fear

the man you killed were someones father,son,husband

the women you killed were mother,daughter,wives

the child  killed experienced  the most terrible thing no child should imagine

the flowers of our nations are full of blood

the future of nations , the shining star had  to live long

the terror takes peace

the terror spreads hatred

the terror has no benefits

stop the terror before it destroys every innocent dream ,kills innocent lives

with knowledge you can stop every terror and war 

  as the pen has more power then a weapon 


4 thoughts on “STOP THE TERROR”

  1. Such an agreeable and true post but I have a point to say that most of the terrorists organizations head are actually well educated and have degrees. So, I guess it’s the brainwashing which spreads terror.

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  2. no they are not educated properly if they were they would never cause education makes us better not bad and such having a degree means nothing
    you know the terrorists are so brainwashed that there own thinking do not work at all there thinking ability is lost

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