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The End (friendship)

losing a friend is hard

but losing yourself is worse

be your own best friend

the best friend ever

Is this the end ? were we destined to walk just a few miles

then break apart ?

was out friendship this weak that broke so easily ?

we were meant to walk miles holding hands

you were not what I though you were the friend i knew before

we laughed ,  cried ,  danced,shared secrets then everything fell apart

we don’t talk anymore  its over  forever and always

what is left is ashes pain,hurt

 you broke my trust getting behind my back

then confessing on my face with no shame ,regrets or guilt

here I am banging my head against the wall cause i trusted you so blindly

but you know I can not compromise my self-worth cause i love my self and my self-respect more than this friendship

you can never  bring me down well I could jump in fire to save you but ,you betrayed me this does not give you a lead this just shows who was honest this whole time

this is the end ,end of our friendship but the good memories will remain with me I will erase the bad ones with some lessons learned 


this I wrote on friendship as you can see the hurt is shown in it but there is a positive message as well so search if you dare 🙂


7 thoughts on “The End (friendship)”

  1. Well, one someone betrays us. They are bad but we are more good than they are bad because we trusted them with all we had. It’s their fault that they broke our trust and lost us. 🙂

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