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A Note for everyone that are curious or make random comments

the content i share are not my feelings or my experiences these are just i write , i am a writer and that means i have to capture every emotion the best i can and why i write about these basically i want my work to be inspiring this is my main goal someone is upset and he finds something inspiring in my work gets inspired feels good that is what i want and one more thing i do not want any type of personal private questions in my life this is my life its private not for the world to see and comment you do not know me so please i would say refrain from commenting on my personal life same goes to you  fabwritings  no note on my life what i do ? how i should do ? its completely personal you should look at yourself before you make any bad judgement on my life my views will remain what i think no one has the power to change them i just want to be free in this world expressing my opinions not to be bound in a prison and about my personal life what i do , what i study all these questions i will not answer or which city i am from no you do not need to know this it does not concern you , you can have your views let me have my .