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HEY everyone 

i hope everyone is doing well and alright , do you know about social anxiety ? its a mental disorder and a problem people sometimes or who have it face more in life its a fear people have taking to stranger or to people you may not well know , you may have feelings like will they like me ? what should i talk ? its really an awkward situation and its not easy to handle for those who have it they try to avoid social gathering and even if they have to go its life biggest exam for them well i know its hard and how you feel about it another thing in social anxiety is that it makes you tired nothing makes you tired like this but this totally does so if you have trouble and its affecting your life you may see a doctor well i should remind you it does not mean your crazy its okay to have it and your perfectly sane just like a flu or cold its the same

now talking about some guest well have you ever experienced some annoying guests in your home and there kids breaking everything and there parents do not care and you can not say anything to them what if there parents mind ? well yeah there are situations like that in life and its really hard to handle them you have a constant worry what are they going to ruin next well i would say parents should handle the kids a bit more when you visit some relative cause the relative says nothing but deep inside he is like when they go so the bunch of naughty kids could go and stop messing my house

well this is for today i hope you like it though well let me know it comments