freedom, psychology today

you can shine again


this line “stars can not shine without darkness ” is so true without the darkness could we see the beautiful stars , we can apply that in our lives we fall ,we break, we fail and then a shinning star rises , if we did not know pain so how could we know happiness and if there was no pain then there could be no happiness we would be sad we would never realize the blessings we had or have just like it is said in medical that if there was no pain the child can die till 12 years of age if he feels no pain ,cause pain is an indication of something wrong and the body do not feel it then how could anyone treat it the person dies do not survive the illness become big and bigger till it leads to death that is a medical significance of pain

if we look on the other side everything is done for a reason we do not know the future flood comes but there are people that survive rise again , people with break up fail in love to become wise again to make wise choices we are growing with time we have to stay alive to make it through it



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