with a broken heart she walked down

all eyes staring an angel had came

some jealous , some happy hearts admiring her how that she is the happiest person on earth marrying a man who was every girls dream

but no one knew who was the girl in red ‘s dream ,

for people it was a starting of a new life for her but for her it was a living grave being made ,

she walked down and made her way to the stage head so high like it never had been bend

so she came and sat on the sofa pictures clicking , the relatives sitting talking ,laughing but she could not hear nothing not even the loud music she could not hear

like a robot she was waiting for her new to be groom ,

in her ears she could hear only one voice the voice of her lover ,

his voice which was saved in her heart of computer

how hard she tried she could not erase it ,

the smiles she shared with him , the pain she felt because of him ,

her first love , his smile , face and everything was saved she could still feel it , her heart craved him the one man to whom she given her heart she knew it was unfair to the man she was going to wed in few minutes but all doors had been closed for her to return to her first love he broke her , he changed her ,

he broke the meaning of love but she still loved him he was not her idol man but he was all she ever wanted , every love song reminded of him , every i love you reminded of the first i love you she told him ,

the time they spend it was worst and best of her life but she could not get over him if only he cared and loved even one percent of how she loved and cared for him it would have worked cause she was willing to sacrifice everything for him but something was missing “love” , he did not loved her , he did not damn care if she lived or not , he was just like bouncing ball bouncing up and down back and forth like a pendulum , so she tried to move forward with the promise of never looking back but tears still flowed for him these stupid tears flowed for a man for whom she was nothing , it was not her fault , the fault was she was innocent with a heart that had a beat which only called him , clearing those thoughts away the time for her to say “yes” had came , her groom was sitting next to her the “maula”(scholar islamic)was asking her

“do you want to marry him ” , she said with tears “yes”

“do you want to marry him ” , repeating it with a “yes”

“do you want to marry him “, she said “yes”

and tears came down the scholar said “now your both husband and wife “

it was done the deed was sealed the chapter was closed she had lost him forever and always with that the time to say goodbye to her parents came going to a new house , new people came but it was not hard cause in her heart she had done the hardest thing saying goodbye to the man she loved so much , she could not give her to her husband but she promised in her heart to herself she will be loyal to him and devote herself to him from now on it may not be easy but it will not be impossible with that her new journey had begin .

(its a fictional story please do not hate the female character ) thank you

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