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now do not think its one of those hate posts after the victory of donald cause i have a view on it but i am not going to write about it as its quite old now ,

 so america is scary ? how so you must be wondering cause something happened which made me think that ,

i heard a new song and i fell in love with the voice ,the song and with the singer as well , he was handsome and attractive to the eye he is quite famous on you tube as well so at first i was not interested in his personal life but as i heard his song more and more i got curious so it typed his name to know about him but there was a shocking news waiting , he married recently well its not something big but when you like someone even a celebrity if you know he is married his value lessens as he is now married out of your reach even in imagination if he not married you can imagine but when he is nope you do not want well now i got more curious who is her wife i saw name but not a picture there so i typed his name and with that searching i found written SPOUSE WITH A PICTURE OF A MAN , what first i laughed third the realization came i liked gay , now please do not think its hate  against homosexual no never its your life but yeah its funny to be that  he was gay and i liked him and forth its sad really sad who told me to search him and my good memories with the song went by now when i look at his picture can i say oh i like him or even he is good looking nope i can not cause he likes guys and he married a guy  and on the most he married a man common its not easy to digest especially when you do not know that , if you have heard carly rae song “call me maybe ” there too she liked a guy and in the end she found out he was gay he was also so handsome plus the end wow laughter there i read comments saying that “the hot guys are always gay ” now i am thinking who ever that person was seems like right an internet celebrity i can imagine many girls would have given him his heart if he had married a women it would not be that shocking but a man with such a good face ,  and the singer was from america that is why i said america is scary you never know what happens there in a funny way i mean the people living there must have a hard time with this you like someone and you found our he or she is interested in same gender , in real life i mean crushes on celebrity everyone have no big deal about it everyone would have imagined or wished to be with favorite celebrities but if it happens in real life just imagine how scary 



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