love, poem, romance

baby loving you more with each passing day

oh boy !

what magic you have done

day and night on my mind its you

with each day loving you more than yesterday

baby touch me , kiss me in places no one touched before

oh baby !

your a fire that en lights me

a wind making shivers run down my spine

when i feel you inside its like the world is below my knees

oh baby touch me , kiss me

cause only you make me feel this

the love and pleasure i never felt before

lets run away into a world where only you and me exist

loving each other more with passing days

when you look at me in my eyes

everything stops for a moment

your my time stopping machine

below our sheet covers the place which resembles heaven

oh boy !

what are you human or an angel that came down for me

for loving me ,my soul mate , my love  kiss me deeper



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